the roll out for the ACA Exchanges has gone about as well as AOL’s big

(“Um, not good”)

server traffic problems in the 90’s. It is about as “pretty” as a drunk fat

college kid on ice skates with his pants at his ankles. Fun to watch, but

you don’t want to be on that rink with them. So, Kathleen Sebelius had

to testify on the ACA Exchange roll-out issues. So, how did that go?!?!?

“You deserve better. I apologize, I’m accountable to you for fixing these

problems”. Wow, refreshing honesty, I like it. After all, you don’t really

have a choice when you had THREE years to make sure the shit worked

(“Boom in the shot, idiot”)

It’s like a foreman on the job standing up saying, “Yeah….I sorta fucked

that house up” as everything is leaning right, no roof, & exposed piping

It will get better very quickly. Besides, Romney’s version of this had it’s

roll out problems, but I don’t recall hearing all the “ire” about it. Guess

it is different when the “Socialist Alien Commie Nazi” Plan of Obama is

now here. Because it’s TOTALLY different than Mitt’s one, right?!?!?!?

How about we go ask Massachusetts if they like theirs? No? Thought so

Suzanne Somers, Falls Into Ignorance…

I just can’t believe the same person who sold us all the “Thigh Master” is

royally full of shit. Move over Victoria Jackson, a new “Queen Of Crazy”


wants in on the action. Chrissy from Three’s Company decided to weigh

into the complex world of healthcare & the ACA with a wild WSJ op-ed

By “wild” I mean “utterly fucking insane & factually incorrect”. See, she

thinks that the ACA is “Socialized Medicine” and a “Ponzi Scheme”. Oh

for shits sake. Forget the facts & reality of it that it’s the older Heritage

Foundation Republican plan from the mid-90’s(Bob Dole’s plan), oh &

forget it’s a “market solution” where consumers shop for the “plan they

(fucking gross)

want” which is a give-away to big insurance. It’s not single payer, and it

is not Universal Healthcare which is what the left wanted. So when you

don’t live in the real world, everything is “debatable”, up for grabs, and

we’re seeing insane morons screaming, “gravity doesn’t exist!”. Well?!?

Thankfully, gravity knows they exist. Now mind you, the WSJ claimed

she is “the expert”. Oh no. She fake quotes Lenin as saying, “Socialized

medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state”. And no such

quote even exists. She also “quoted” Winston Churchill with, “Control

your citizens’ health care and you control your citizens“. But, it seems

(It’s the “Lie Master”)

the Journal can’t confirm he ever said that either. She has done ‘little’

more than turn in an assignment, with no footnotes, and literally just

“made shit up”. My guess is if you “knock on her door”, no one’s there

To Quote Chrissy Snow, “Jack, I have a two-part question……….Why?”

Clip Of The Day: Finally, one powerful Bill Pascrell(D-NJ) speaks out

Have a day!

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