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Traitors, COVID & The Collapse…

November 25th, 2020

While we have all the presidents Chumps playing: “Dress Up PR Talking Head”, the (Team Bonkers) actual World Has Moved on. Biden is our 46th President. And, Rudy’s Crew Are all in dire Legal Jeopardy with these ‘Stunts’ See, they Already Tried the Screw voting Lies IN COURT & Were “Thrown out”. So, now they […]

We have lost 265, 800 lives In this country We Must Get this Under Control & We Must (No More) save As MANY lives As Possible. That is All that matters most. And finally the GSA did Her JOB, Beginning The Transition. Forget her Letter is Kleenex, She’s Still in Trouble In fact legal trouble […]

MI, PA Certify & 1-35…

November 23rd, 2020

This Pandemic Has taken 263,500 lives We see there Is Hope with 3+ Vaccines (Wrong Vaccine) And MI & PA just certified the election results. One Person In Michigan Voted “Abstain”. His Name, Is, Norm Shinkle (Well Shit If all these Racist fucks have goofy ass names like a failed fat Villain) NEVER Forget, Who […]

COVID runs rampant, it breaks our hearts with every day & new Deaths of our fellow (We Know) citizens. 260,000 have Died to Far With A lot more to sadly come. And as this horror is Happening; Republicans are committing criminal Acts, Treason And “Illegal Coups” In Fact, MI Republicans, Illegally Went To meet with […]

We are all dealing with the most deadly & murderous pandemic in our Lifetimes and (<-Criminals) it’s terrifying. And, Now we have Election officials doing Election Fraud In The open Forget they can’t legally do this nor have any right too; it’s still voter fraud/treason Make no mistake, tRump called Palmer & interfered in his […]

Two Republicans In Michigan “Decided” They wanted to deny black cities their votes…until (Assholes) they got public pushback & didn’t. No savin’ them now. History will know the “names” of William Hartman & Monica Palmer as Racist and Fascist Anti-Democratic mother Fuckers FOREVER. There Will be more Names Added to That list Each Day That […]

We have a pandemic raging out of control While Orange Anus Is hiding and so is the (Sunk) Entire Republican Party In DC. But Other Republican’s: The Govs, Mayors, Election Officials are ALL doing their jobs. So now we Have R-Lindsey Graham “Committing” Election Fraud Says one Republican Brad Raffensperger the SOS of GA. In […]

The Pandemic, is Increasing. We are losing between 1,000-1,500 people per day. This (So Long!) is horrific. And while we will have a brand new President Elect On January 20th, this Racist Fascist Administration Is Denying a Peaceful Transition. Well, Emily Murphy Is committin an illegal act. She’ll suffer for it (See Page 12 Part […]

The pandemic is increasing at the worst time People Are both Contracting & dying at a rate (Do Nothing) Unseen. We must Get this Under control and NOW! And Biden’s team, being hampered by the Orange Anus Doing their Best to Actually BLOCK a Transition, During A Pandemic and with a “Failed” Economy. It Makes […]


November 12th, 2020

COVID Is Running rampant throughout our Entire Country. It Is ‘Spiking’ Every (Killed Us) where. This is deadly serious shit and it is terrifying. What does bunker boy and Republican’s Want to do to stop it?!?!?! Oh, NOTHING. In Fact, they are playin’ deadly Treasonous Games by “Denying” that Biden / Harris Were “Duly” Elected […]

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