Two Republicans In Michigan “Decided” They

wanted to deny black cities their votes…until


they got public pushback & didn’t. No savin’

them now. History will know the “names” of

William Hartman & Monica Palmer as Racist

and Fascist Anti-Democratic mother Fuckers

FOREVER. There Will be more Names Added

to That list Each Day That Passes. And We’ll

NEVER “forget”. There Will Be Republicans &

they will end their Careers over this. Fine do

IT! During a pandemic that is crippling us at


a rate Undreamt of; we have a Dictator with

no Intention of A Peaceful Transfer of power

ever Happening. We, Call that Illegal. And It

all ends in chains, he fired CISA Voting chief

Christopher Krebs for Running A Secure and

fair election. That was too much for the anus

The problem Here: Every ‘Single’ Republican

who Stood by Aiding it/stoking it/& agreeing

(Bye Bye!)

with it. There is no return. They are all active

enemies of Democracy and their Party’s dead

NOTE: tRump Legal Adviser & Soon To Be Disbarred
Person Jenna Ellis Called Him An “Idiot”, A “Bully” &
Called Him “UnAmerican” & That His Supporters Are
“Stupid” “Don’t Care about ‘facts’, or logic”. Yet, She
Draws $, & has Been Defending Him. This’ll Cost Her

Have A “Safe” Day!

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