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Another day, another Criminal Maga Republican traitor is put (<-Traitors) Away. This one, Biggs, Was for 17 Years, in Jail. More, Will Be coming By the Day. All traitors will Be prosecuted 2 the fullest Extent of the law every Jan 6th fraud is Legally F’ed. And most (<-Traitors) All The R’s Support it. Nowhere […]

Down They ALL Legally Go…

August 30th, 2023

Which Jails they land? We don’t yet know. Zing! So Republican’s (Boom!) All Over The Country Are Going thru some ‘Dire Legal shit’ They ALL ‘Created’ Themselves. Fuck Around They Did, Find out They Are. Rudy, F’ed! Navarro, F’ed!! Meadows, F’ed!! Literally, every (2 Down!) R who Crimed with TFG, Is F’ed And these Traitors […]

There’s simply nowhere to Hide now for what’s left of the entire (“Criming bad?!?!”) Republican Party. TFG’s Lawyer got legally Obliterated By facts The judge was not having all of his Conspiracy bombastic lies & told Him/Them, The Courts Will not put up With it. The Date for trial has been set for March 4th […]

While TFG has a new Trial Date of March 4th, 2024 just handed (Ya done, son!) down by The Judge for His case in DC the rest of World Saw the Terrorist ‘Hate’ Shooting in FLA This Domestic terrorist violence will not stand. Unacceptable On Every level. And “DouchStainus” (<-Jackass!) was loudly Correctly “Boooooed” for […]

There’s a Dire problem in what they ‘call’ the Republican party (We Know) today. They support ‘criminals’, ‘Traitors’ & ‘Treason’. In having TFG as their front runner there is No other conclusion to reach And nowhere for them to go as a Party. Voters Overwhelmingly (Yup) Don’t Want it. Their Base, sure But Even 30%+ […]

Booked, Schnooks & Rooked…

August 24th, 2023

TFG has Been Booked In Fulton County. And No one Showed up (Busted!) Fanni W has filed the suggested trail Date of October 23rd. Wow This will be happening very fast Which ‘means’, TFG is very F’ed There was no republican debate last night. It was a Collection of Abject lying Fascist Frauds Who (Failure!) […]

While most of the Republican Party’s being Arraigned In GA (The Shady Bunch!) the rest Of Em are Gonna Be “pretending” their Party’s not Loaded With Traitors, Or Jan 6th Didn’t Happen tonight on a stage. A stage all filled with apologists, Co-Conspirators & Anti-Democracy Fascists. The (None?) World all Sees Exactly Who & what […]

While Biden/Crew, Have Turned our entire Economy around and (“We got this”) offered the nation stability on all fronts, a collection of treasonous loving ‘Fakes’ Will pretend to out “Trumpy” Each Other Wednesday It’s not really a ‘debate’ at all. In fact, it’s A “Who ‘Else’ Would you Accept/Want To See Win Besides TFG” contest. […]

TFG is legally surrounded, Fearful, desperate & finished. In an insane (All they are) request, his “legal team”(if ya can call them that) asked to Have This Trial In 2026. WTF?!?! Ahhhhh No They have 0 defense in any of the indictments. None. And…With TFG (Bull, Horns!) still “criming” by threatenin’ juries Judges & Courts; […]

Santo Lil Scammer has Already been Indicted, but now his Aid (Bend over!) Samuel Miele Was “Now” Just Indicted as well. Ooooops. He is a serial Liar, fraud, Criminal & bucket Of human filth, but I digress. The entire Republican Party Today Are Comprised Of (We know) immoral racist Fascists, Nazi’s & criminal Traitors. Disgusting […]

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