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Yesterday, the leader of the Free World, touted a new “test” for COVID19. And he displayed it, upside-down (<-Idiot) In today’s Press Conference. Trump looked Lost, out matched by the stark reality of death & Incapable of Answering Basic Questions. The Podium went Empty with the Press ‘Clamoring’ for Dr. Fauci pr Dr. Birx to […]

Our entire Globe Is dealing with this Horrible Pandemic And make No Mistakes the Effects of this could have all (<-Evil) Been BLUNTED With Enacting These CDC Rules Before it got to 3 weeks ago. We have no sittin president right now. NONE. He ‘Uses’ these Press C0nferences to spew hate, Abuse Reporters just doin […]

Hey great friends across the pond. Your messy haired jabbering Jackass Trump Jr now has COVID19. And it (<-“I’m Infected”) doesn’t Shock you at all Now, does it?!?! The UK Is so very Fucked, and My Heart Breaks for you guys. Then Again, You Were ALL ‘Warned’ About Him/Tories With their failures & yet you […]

We have Just Overtook China for the most COVID19 cases No credible Media Outlet is “Covering” Trumps Propaganda (<-Immoral) Rally’s anymore which is just the beginning in dealing with this crisis. This is a crisis & make no mistake about it here That’s just a start. As the rest of the country deals with the […]

As the “Adults” in the room begin to take charge Both at the local and State Level; we finally have some BIG (<-Adult) movement in Congressional Senate Relief. We Are at a “Deal” That Will Inject $ Into MAIN STREET finally! This Stimulus Package Is mostly all for workers/folks out of work To “Deal” with […]

As the cases Mount & Hospitals are overrun from the horrific Pandemic; We Have NO rational LEADERSHIP (We Know) to guide us through the pain. He replaced Faucci with Bootlicker Barr. This, Should NOT Be Political, In ANY way. But Trump is incapable Of ‘That’. This is SOLELY about Rational Leadership, Facts, & what, if […]

While Republicans are committing fraud With Insider Trading, Tax Day Has Been Moved To (“Holy fuck”) July 15th & the world is bein “shut down” we have one unhinged Immoral Sociopathic baby “Pretending” to be in Charge during this crisis He insanely lashed out at a Reporter for askin’ the Most Basic Of “Softball” Questions […]

While two members of Congress test Positive to COVID19 virus, the rest are using racism & hate (<-Infected) to Divide Us. It’s COVID19, not ‘China Virus’ or the ignorant KungFlu. And we now have one of the Republicans Burr, sounding The Alarm only to his DONORS Three Weeks ago. He knew ALL of it, but […]

Biden Wins, TRump Lost…

March 18th, 2020

Joe Biden will be the Democratic Nominee. But We barely Heard “ANYTHING” About It. Because it’s All (We see) about Death Virus. And As 9 Republicans all VOTE against helpin’ American citizens as the rest of the world see their Hate. Vote them All out. And we do need An ACTUAL “President”. Soon. Now, As […]

Pappy St. Hatricks Day! Today in Chicago we still held elections, we did so with a heavy heart, observing ALL (No Shit) the COVID19 Protection rules and rose to the occasion If you were in the 19th District hopefully you voted for Patti Vasquez (Patti On St. Patty’s day). She will do so well for […]

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