While two members of Congress test Positive to

COVID19 virus, the rest are using racism & hate


to Divide Us. It’s COVID19, not ‘China Virus’ or

the ignorant KungFlu. And we now have one of

the Republicans Burr, sounding The Alarm only

to his DONORS Three Weeks ago. He knew ALL

of it, but ‘only’ told Wealthy Donors to “protect”

Trump. This is immoral, it’s Evil, it’s Wrong and

it’s grounds for Removal From Office. And as all

of This Containable, Preventable, lunacy Occurs

And while ALL of this happenin’ we have Spring

Breakers Acting like Darwin Award winners and

(We Know)

a Rudderless President “Blaming” everyone and

everything ACCEPT his own Fat, Failed Ignorant

self. He Blamed the media for HIS failures. This

must stop. The press best stand up to this fraud

NOTE: To Brighten Your Day, Here Are Very Cool People
All Singing “Imagine” By John Lennon. It’s a Great thing

Have a day!


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