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Halloween Schmalloween…

October 30th, 2015

Hey, so what’s a fun Halloween costume?!?!?!?! Tapin’ 25 cents behind you bein’ a “Quaterback” Being Dr. Fartface or “Black Sherlock Homes”?! How about Capt Morgan next to a bag of coke?! (It’s Booger Sugar) So, any are better choice than this donkey shit: (Count Dorkula) Any High School voted No to him. Just saying […]

Debate Douchebaggery…

October 29th, 2015

The Republican debate can be summed up in Three words: “Substancefree Shit Show” (“Right up ur ass!”) Sure there were Fireworks between Trump and everyone. He actually did make a good point to the CNBC host about the time of it & that he negotiated for the shorter Debate Jeb Bush Got Bitch Slapped By Rubio, […]

Crying Ryan Is Frying…

October 28th, 2015

It seems the lumbering ignorance that’s the entire Republican Party today, now “Picked” (We know) their House Speaker. It’s Paul “I Was Mitty’s Bitch When We Lost” Ryan, Is Now The Main man in the House. By “Main Man” I mean “A tool to be Abused, have to deal with Batshity nutters, & pretend we […]

Now, Trump Gets Ugly…

October 27th, 2015

Well the “Ugly” is Starting to bubble up in “Bigot Boy Trump Land”. So let’s add (Best use!) “Assault” to what campaign events offer Ariel Rojas, a “Pro-Immigration Activist” was dragged out of a Trump stop by his collar on the ground, and kicked as rally Goers all Cheered, “USA! USA! USA!!!!!” This is so […]

They almost always come from the far right wing element of society. Be it Christians, or (Moderate Republicans) Islam, or Any Other Racist Fundamentalist Republicans today. And now…the Southern Base, of The Entire Republican Party, is the KKK. And so they protested against an MLK statue on government property while saying “We’re no longer in […]

I thought a lot about this list. By “a lot” I mean this morning while taking thunder dump. Here’s a list of stuff we “Should” see around, but don’t for Obvious reasons all found in reality (I KNEW it!) -People window shopping…for bay windows -Cute dogs with helmets driving go carts for $ -Bullfights all […]

So what is Benghazi? It was a horrific attack on our US Embassy by “Radical Violent Theocrats” (TeaOP BS Lies!) trying to make us go away. What does the Right want it to be?!? Oh, a political tool to Bludgeon Clinton with no sense of reality, facts, or shame As you read me Here, I’m […]

A Bullshit Scam Artist…

October 21st, 2015

Decides to scam other sociopath scam artists on Wall Street. What do really wealthy peeps (“It’s so hard!”) do when they’re Depressed & feeling Isolated by society? They go to Clay Cockrell. Yes they call on a guy who’s last name is penis or prick What better way to feel better about yourself than giving […]

Look like?!?! Well, the last 13 before them. Seeeee, this is Simply Partisan (Derp!) dumfuckery at its best. This was not ever about dead merican’s. If it was we had 46 embassy’s attacked under W. Bush with “160 Dead Americans” So McCarthy/FOX & Republicans ALL Admitted It is a ‘Partisan Shit Circus’ They Already Admitted […]

Biden Will “Jump” In…

October 19th, 2015

On the Democratic side of this wacky primary season. Now, Joey will jump (Heeeeere’s Joey!) in the Race this Week, so look out for that news. It means The Options now go from “Bernie” to that now massive distant 2nd, Hillary. At 1st blush, you now get Joe Biden steppin’ inbetween Sanders, & Hillary to […]

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