Crying Ryan Is Frying…

October 28th, 2015

It seems the lumbering ignorance that’s the

entire Republican Party today, now “Picked”

Paul Ryan Liar Liar(We know)

their House Speaker. It’s Paul “I Was Mitty’s

Bitch When We Lost” Ryan, Is Now The Main

man in the House. By “Main Man” I mean “A

tool to be Abused, have to deal with Batshity

nutters, & pretend we will ever try to govern”

They won’t and it will get Worse. Bohner was

at least the leader of ‘crazy’. Now it’s just the

lesser push over version rollin’ over for crazy

Ryan lifting idiot(Remember this?!?!)

It is The End of the modern Republican party

At every turn, they Chose to Sprint farther, &

farther right, off a cliff falling in the Darkness

Sad cautionary tail goin’ the way of the whigs

And The No Nothings. Meh, Nothing’s Funnier

than a person failing horribly, never changing

course, while lecturing You About Your Faults

So, then they won’t have to address their own

But that doesn’t magically make the very real

Paul Ryan hold on(“I give up!”)

failin’ party’s lack of valid policy problems end

It’s just hiding this BIG, rotten collapsing Core

NOTE: Tonight GOP “Master Debaters” Will Be
As Ignorant As They Always Are. Watch For A
‘Move’ By Ben Carson (Herman Cain II) To Hit
Trump. This Will Be A ‘Joke’ Of Epic Ignorance

Have a day!

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