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Occupy Wall Street was the people excersing their American rights They went in peacefully, with conviction, and showed up to say: (“V” is cool?) “Hey Wall Street, you’re on notice. No more theft from us!” Pretty normal stuff considering the Bulls run there daily While the rest of us are neck deep in water from […]

I’m Chris Christie…

September 29th, 2011

And I want to eat…um, be your next president! (“Hey now smartass!”) Remember my August 5th “Heel Face Turn” post? It’s happening He says “No, no no no no. I don’t want to be in the race” But since idiot media talking heads have nothing to talk about (Cheap joke, I’m a cheap man) They […]

Obama Is The “Titanic”?

September 28th, 2011

Obama’s chief political adviser David Axelrod said: The presidents road to a 2nd term will be “a Titanic struggle” Is it for the “Heart Of The Ocean” or being able to paint Rose naked? (TSA screening version) All while riding on the front arms spread until colliding into an iceberg Sure we all know he […]

Guillen Gone, Bartman In?

September 27th, 2011

The yellow brick road to Oz is now moldy & bronzed White Sox manager Ozzie is gone. He’ll be with the Florida Marlins (U seen my parrot mang?) Guillen wanted a new deal; Reinsdorf didn’t want to pay him So long Ozzie. He took the $ money and skated out of town Actually it’s more […]

“Booing” A Gay Solider?!?!

September 26th, 2011

Really? It’s getting pretty ugly out there for normal people File photo of current Republican audiences at the debates: (Nice) What do Republican debate crowds & feeding a fussy baby have in common? They’re both loud, ignore facts, & offer nothing of substance to digest You have idiots of epic levels clapping and cheering wildly […]

Jesus F-ing Tap Dancing Christ…

September 23rd, 2011

Another Republican debate? For reals? WTF? Is this like a weekly sit-com or something? (Google “turd collection”) Let’s start having three a week, why the hell not! This rich collection of insanity was in full force on prime time Rick Perry denied he said “Turn Social Security over to the states” Even though he said […]

Zero Boehner Control

September 22nd, 2011

Meh, I was going to go with “Boehner Softens”, or “Limp Boehner” But it felt too on the nose…zing! (Political “Reflection Picture”) The Tea Party are running around trying burning it all Not even understanding then even they’d be out of a job (Slightly pushed) Just as we all said and knew they would long […]

The Financial Fleming Farce

September 21st, 2011

Republican congressman John Flemming from Louisiana Really opposes Obama’s “Buffett Rule” taxing millionaires (“Don’t tax me bro!”) His point was that he makes $6.3 million per year in his franchises He owns Subway’s and UPS shops that makes $6.3 million, gross After all expenses he said he only takes home around $600,000 (I’m poor!) “So […]

Wait, now don’t take that the wrong way, what I meant was… You know what I meant. Ding dong the irrational doucheness hate is dead DADT is over, finished, done, kaput, *insert cool sounding word here* (Damn straight…I mean gay) Now let the rampant ignorant right wing religious homophobia begin! *Drum roll* People who look […]

Dental Plan, Lisa Needs Braces…

September 19th, 2011

It’s one of my favorite Simpson’s episodes Where the power plant union is voting On either adding a beer keg to each meeting, or ending the dental plan (Bullseye!) Now Obama wants tax hikes on the wealthiest 3% earners About freaking time! Obama had the power before to end it With ending of the Bush […]

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