Dental Plan, Lisa Needs Braces…

September 19th, 2011

It’s one of my favorite Simpson’s episodes

Where the power plant union is voting

On either adding a beer keg to each meeting, or ending the dental plan


Now Obama wants tax hikes on the wealthiest 3% earners

About freaking time! Obama had the power before to end it

With ending of the Bush Tax cuts; but dick hole didn’t

(Hey now!)

He wants the Buffett Rule taxing those making over 1 million per year

As the right call here, and it is, but Republicans will scream “No

Screw the poor or the middle class, they didn’t pay me $ to be elected”

If the wealthy don’t get taxed at a reasonable level to pay their share

(Wait, what?)

And make the middle class carry most of the burden comparatively

And don’t accept we’re in TWO WARS, WITH RECORD UNEMPLOYMENT

Then we’ll have a keg of beer instead of a sound dental plan

Take your pick, but I sorta liked the dental plan

Have a day!

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