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It’s a Dark Day in American today It’s less Free, less Safe & seeks to (Ya are!) embolden racists/fascists. We do not have a Supreme Court. No in fact we 6 partisan frauds seeking To Overturn Decades of Progress To ‘Support’ Racist/hateful Nazi’s Calling ‘Hate’ Discrimination Free Speech is not only lawfully idiotic it’s socially […]

Clown Court & Bold Biden…

June 29th, 2023

Our US Supreme Court, is Nothing more than a Partisan Political hate (Bought!) arm of the Republican party at this point. Their decisions only support white Supremacy Attempting to all turn back the clock in racial justice That, Will not do. The Entire World see’s what it is & all the Republican corruption here Is […]

The 6 members of the Maga Wing Of The Supreme Court (Better days!) have a Serious “Bribe” issue They can’t Stop taking them Thomas, Alito, Roberts, And we already know about Amy Barrett & 1 Brett Kavanaugh And let’s Not forget The Neil Gorsuch Lavish Home Bribe! (Frauds!) They Are All Openly Corrupt in every […]

There’s no escape. And no way For The Fat Former Criminal To (Bye!) Defend Himself. So, he’s got no actual Lawyers who can defend Him. Nothing Will Stop What IS Coming legally. He’s goin to die in jail & for Treason. And, he so Deserves All Of It! And, in what (No shit!) can Only […]

The Entire Republican Party that is left standin today; are now all (Bye bye!) directly On Record as supporting a Treasonous Criminal Lying Ass Hole Terrorist fraud. And it’s just goin’ to get worse for him legally speaking. Like, Dying in Jail kind (Yup!) of bad. And all R’s defending and lying for him all […]

He has been indicted again. And This is just The Beginning of The (No, in front!) end For The Orange Treasonous Criminal. He is Charged with 37 counts/Crimes. Ooooooof. He is so super Disco Fucked. And, HE Deserves ALL Of This Legal Hell due 2 the serious Crimes he did Commit. And, this isn’t The […]

CNN is now Accepting they Shit the Bed lettin’ TFG on, doing so (“You’re fired!”) Factually Unchecked. So Licht’s gone Boom! Guess it’s not such a good idea to Let a Treasonous Fat ‘Criminal’ insurrectionist ass hole spew non-stop propaganda It Is Much More Than That. This guy wanted to ‘create news’ and (Yes!) highlight […]

Republican’s don’t stand for anything In fact, they not only lost their “Debt (Ding ding ding!) Ceiling Bullshit Game”, they got nada From It. Nada. And Biden / His “Inner” Circle / Political allies won big. And so did “poor / Middle Class” Americans in Every Way. Republican’s=All Games & 0 policy substance. Speaking of […]

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