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Spotify is in a lot of trouble With Legendary Artists and (Rotify) musicians leavin’ the tunes “Platform”. Joni Mitchell, is Gone, Neil Young, ‘Gone’, & Now “Nils Lofgren”. More’ll be Leaving by The day as it does ‘Nothing’ About Rogan spewing nonsense Lies and abject Hate they just lost 4 Billion Due to It Ooooooops […]

We got a Great Friday for all of America. A new day is dawning (It does!) Caring, ‘Policy Driven’, Rational Citizens Are Running For Public office to ‘Make this Country’ So much better and taking out the Maga trash At the Same time. I say YES!!! One Such is Morgan Harper in the great state […]

PanDumbic & GQP Pro-Russia?!?

January 27th, 2022

While the rest of The Modern World accepts the main reason this stupid (Indeed!) Pan-Dumbic is still Occurrin’ is the Un-Vaxxed, Careless, Anti-Vaxxers still clinging onto ignorance, fear & limitless Stupidity. I Give You, Ron DeathSantis; leader of the MoRons Omicron’s ‘Almost’ Run Its ‘Course’ & the only Reason It didn’t wipe us out?! Vaccines. […]

The Most Punchable Face in Congress & man ready to Get ya into The Time (Busted!) Share of your Nightmares Matt Gaetz is Legally Fucked. FL Shock Jock Just pleaded Guilty & Has ALL The Dirt on Chode with Ears & Is Telling them All And indictment ‘Likely’ Is Coming & it couldn’t Happen to […]

Atlanta Has now inpanelled a special grand jury to examine (Closer each day!) Presidential Election Criminal activity, oooooops. There will be no ‘Indictments’ from this This is To Collect Facts, Legal Testimony For Quicker Actual next Grand Jury. The Orange Anus has Yet “Another” Legal problem Coming soon and so does Lindsay Graham. Ooops (No, […]

Censure, Loons & Larry David…

January 24th, 2022

Republican Barbie has been censured by AZ Democrats for trying to Kill Off (<-Fraud) Democracy, one “Bad Idea” At a Time Krysten Sinema’s ‘Finished’, And It Is about Damn time. Her & Joe Manchin can fuck all the way off. They want to help Kill Democracy denying people a right to vote. It’s Fascist & […]

What if I told Ya that all of the Republican’s voted against the (We Know) Build Back Better Act for large amounts of infrastructure cash And Now, How Many Of Those shits Who Voted against It Are now going Back to their voters taking a Victory lap? Well a lot of them. This is Not […]

Ivanka Ooops & Voting Rights…

January 20th, 2022

As all the Rumps go down the drain faster than A Turd down (Yup!) a toilet; Ivanka has drawn the ire of The Jan 6th commission now. They just Think This Is a Big “Game”. They Tried to Kill ‘Democracy’. And, They’ll Pay “Voting Rights Bill”, Was Sadly (<-These Idiots!) Sidetracked Last night By the […]

Well well well, it seems the final shoe will Drop this April And No (Yup!) one in The Orange Anus Family will Be Left standing. It’s Fraud They All Committed it, Inflated Asset Values (Most 3 Times the actual Asset Value) to get loans & Tax Deductions, They Did Not Qualify For. During All Of […]

DirectTV Drops OAN & Busted…

January 18th, 2022

The World has Collectively Had enough of the racist fascist lies (Bye Bye!) Enough Of the Hate, the literal propaganda lunacy tearing the USA Apart & Not ‘Protected’ by the 1st Amendment. See, This nation already fought all these wars. They’re done. Just cause you’re far to Stupid to figure it (<-Losers!) out that you […]

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