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Democratic candidate, Jeff Sites has his Eyes set on knockin’ out (ZING!) Jim, “Gym Abuse” Jordan From the House this Next Election; & his first Ad was A “mic drop” of ‘Epic levels’ Echoing he wants 2 serve the voters, not try games When “people” Run for political office: Tell Em Exactly who you are, […]

One ‘Thing’ the Republican Party isn’t Good at: the truth, Science, (<-R’s Today) facts, math, History, economics, statistics, logic, Voting, honesty, government, serving citizens, or literally Anythin’ involved In the jobs they took. Now we Can add “Apologies” to Shit They are not good At. Marjorie Greene ‘Tried’ to Apologize, After Telling all of the […]

So the G7 Summit is going on right Now with ‘World Leaders’ (Behind you!) And, no, it’s not the Jet-plane G7. And yes, it Does matter if we have an actual leader who is Capable, smart and Has the ability To Form an actual Nice Sentence. So….What’s Biden’s Excuse?! ZING! It Does make all the […]

We made it! Another week in the books, the vaccine are working & (Yes!) the US Economy Is Roaring back All due to steady, reliable, sound Leadership/Policies. And now, In what can be called a nice start it is clear Merrick Garland wants 2 start working at this DOJ job, by lowering the Boom, On […]

Well well, it turns out a Chicago Cop Proud Boy Is A Racist Prick (<-Racist POS) Robert Bakker (Short one K) is the “Subject” Of FOUR internal investigations. He has now Just been suspended for 5 days. Uh WTF?!?!? He, or ANY Racist cop Can’t Objectively Do A Job then This isn’t a game it’s […]

We have a Republican Party who is Objectively A Terrifying mix of (We Know) severe ‘Mental Illness’, Limitless Ignorance And ‘Dunning Kruger’ a Woman In Ohio stood Up, and claimed the Vaccines have metal in them to magnetise Spoons, & other metal Objects to our heads Bonkers, Party of One, right this way. She Also […]

The entire Republican Party left standing today, Hate voting SO (<-GQP) much; They will do anything to stop people from doing It which includes blockin’ the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. They are ALL monsters Who Deeply Hate this country. The Fascists, & Racists they love; the rest of Our entire Nation/Democracy not so much […]

Right Now the US Senate Is being held ‘hostage’ by one (Death Stare) thing; Joe Blow The Machin Ass. Forget that Schumer’ll get the votes 2 end the ass Filibuster; He Will Get them And We Must “Pass” the For ‘The People Act’, To Protect Our Entire Democracy, And Our Right to Vote. If we […]

While DC “deals” with a vital infrastructure bill that all the (Yup) Republican’s Will Oppose For no other Reasons than, blind Anti-Democracy hate, all the rest of the world is watching these “Fraudits”. That is just what they are; Extensions of their Voter Suppression bills See, what ever they all claim “Others” are Doing, is […]

Down, down, down they all go which jail cell they land in, we (Tick, tock!) just don’t yet know. In what’s an ‘Ongoing Legal’ nightmare For ALL Republican’s, It Gets worse for Them by the day. U got Orange thing/His Kids all Super Fucked, Rudy, Gaetzy, Lindell, Powell, all Of The AZ frauditors, Flynn, Barr, […]

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