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Indictments are coming tomorrow And, There’s Nothing Orange Fuck (Ya Fucked!) or his Family can “Do” about it. In fact, Not “just” The CFO, but all of the Trumpers Are in Trouble for it Yes this is not good for them at all It’ll be a Summer/Fall of legal hell Speaking of “Hell”, most All […]

“If you build it, we have jobs” is the Old saying, Right?!?!? Ohhh (“Weed” Hole?) it’s Not?!?! That’s weird. Seems the new “infrastructure” Plan is moving along Full Steam ahead & Biden is In Wis Today/tonight to Showcase it. Voters love It & so, Obviously Republicans Hate it. No Matter, It is ‘Passing’. Oh speaking […]

After this “horrific” Miami collapse we have 10 confirmed dead n still (Ugh!) 100’s missing. This is so very sad & we must Fight tirelessly to find them all. Oh & Speakin’ of buried under a billion pounds of Cement the car maker Toyota is…..fucked Turns out, They gave over 37 big Donations, Of $50,000+ […]

In what can “only” be called horrific tragedy, as a partial (Holy Shit!) Miami Condo ‘Collapsed’ In terrible “fashion”. We lost 4 with 159 missing. This is So heartbreaking. Donate your blood, & Support all Rescue workers Efforts. It Is all We can do At This point. Ugggh Speaking shit that collapsed Rudy’s Kid Andrew, […]

Things are all going bad for all Of these Criminal Republicans (Bye Bye!) across the Country. In fact shit is getting so bad, Rudy just got his Law license Suspended. HA That ‘Means’, He Can’t “Defend” Himself In His ‘Upcoming’ Trial Ooooopsey doooopsey. And, in What Can Only Be Called “Thin ‘Skin X’s’ 8 Billion”, […]

Mayoral, Gubernatorial, & other primaries happened all over the (Our Power!) Country Yesterday. And We got some Kick ass surprises all over Like India Walton, Who’ll Likely Win The Job Of Mayor. Whooot She Is a self described Socialist That, is Not My Style but Addin’ reasonable Elements Of It, into policies is Smart; the […]

NYC Votes for it’s Mayor today And, the ‘Big Apple’ is taking a (Down to 1!) bite out of politics today by all Giving us Another Democratic Mayor. This Is the Democratic Primary, so the winner will go on To The General Election for a likely Win. With Maya Wiley, Kathyrn Garcia, Andy Yang, & […]

How Was your Fathers Day?!?! What Is That, “People” kept on (Zing!) calling you Saying “You are my Father” so ya hung up?!?! I kid Speaking of “shitty fathers and Assbag Pricks” Republican Ron Johnson Got “Boooooed” From a Juneteenth Party. Talk about karma coming Down like a Big hammer & He’s the Nail. Turns […]

It’s official, we now all celebrate Juneteenth as a Country. And it (Stupid Flanders) is About ‘Damn Time’. It marks the “End Of Slavery”. And what did 14 Republicans have to say About it?!? NO. They ALL Voted against It. Jeeeeez & all of their excuses Were Hallow as all hell Oh, Speaking of super […]

ACA, AKA “Obamacare”, is Here To stay forever. The SCOTUS has just (Here 2 stay!) upheld the ACA in a big 7-2 ruling GOP states & two dope just lacked “Standing”. If there is anything we know for Sure it’s That all GQP’ers Hate “Everybody”; Including Their Own Voters. It Seems Republicans Are Leaving Their […]

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