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The fat Orange Criminal Traitor did NOT Testify because he’s a (PAB Liar!) Criminal coward who Is Guilty AF. Not Only Did Orange Prick puss out, they offered no Real Defense. All that bs puffery all his Fake Promises He’d Testify He’s just a Big Fat Lazy Traitor felon coward who’s goin’ down Like Everything […]

To say the trial of NYC vs Orange Criminal Traitor Asshole, is Going (Nap it up idiot!) VERY Bad For Trump / Their Side would be an epic understatement They Have NO Defense & No way to refute the checks, payments & ‘Paper Trail’, Showing That Trump Did It ALL. Cohen Is Done & Was […]

While there is no Actual Legal “Defense” For Fat Felon, They (The turds!) decided to “Performative play acting bad theater politics”. It failed badly. And if They keep violating Trumps gag order or threaten the court/jury/judge That is Obstruction Of Justice (Yup!) The last days of cross Went as bad As Blanche has Been This […]

The primary’s have shown us Some ‘VERY’ Important Math (Math!) It shows Biden’s clearly over Performing With ‘his’ Voters And, Fat Loser Felon, Is NOT In Fact, He’s Lost 20-30% of His Base who’ve had Enough Nikki Haley voters aren’t the Issue; HE Is. And Ignoring it leaves an election day where (Vote!) they’re all […]

When you did ALL The Crimes you’re Accused of, There is no (Zing!) actual legal defense to employ Here. And, Cohen Brought All the Legal Receipts. There’s no Escape. Cohen laid bare all Of The Facts. Cohen Paid Daniels Got ‘Paid back’ By Trump & All the checks were Signed by an (Time’s up!) Orange […]

Michael Cohen has not only legally sunk The Orange Felon. He Has lit (“I’m telling!”) a fire under all voters who see who he is. A wanna Be felon Fascist ass And, it’s not pretty. This is going 2 get worse For Orange Criminal But fast. W/O Him Taking the Stand, & He WON’T, this […]

Indiana held their Primary On Wed & Warning signs are now (Indeed!) Going off for The Orange felon Haley ‘Got’ 22% of Votes Way AFTER She “Already” Dropped out Of The Race. Traitors Base is Fractured Badly AND all the Suburban women aren’t havin’ His “Roe Hate” Either. And, In other Big News, Maga Judge […]

There is nothing left of the Republican Party today. And, There is Nothing left (Splat!) of An ‘Orange Criminal Asshole’ either Hope Hicks Put Yet Anther Nail IN His legal coffin last week with her Honest Testimony linking all these illegal Acts Directly To Fat Man. Make no mistake Here, Hicks Isn’t “Noble” Or Any […]

The Fat Felon “Tried” To Hold His usual hate rally’s; it went so bad (Dain Bramage) He couldn’t Talk/even Form any complete sentences. He tripped up lil’ words Like Infrastructure, rebedoaahhhh the GOP instead of the ‘GDP’, Masterlock & more FOX even cut away. And in trial he’s Still falling asleep & getting Legally ‘Busted up’ […]

The Old Orange Man is Undone & has just Been found guilty of (Busted Bitch!) Contempt of Court on 9 counts Oh & it doesn’t stop there, fuck no. IF, well I should say ‘When’ he “Violates” it again, The next stop is JAIL. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s SO Going To jail The […]

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