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As Britain Deals With Their Version of Trump in Brexit, we have an AG who’s clearly in the (BS Lens’s) “tank” for Orange Asshole. He now claims it is likely he will Release a “Heavily Redacted” version of ‘Mueller’s Report’. Ahem, NO, GO fuck yourself You “Immoral” Lying Prick. We Are Entitled To The Truth. […]

While The Orange Bigot Evil Anus Does His best bad “80’s movie villain” impression he (<-Dipshit) & his lyin insane hateful immoral R leaders /Republicans are Calling for Adam Schiff to resign. They’re doing it cause he has every right….to The ‘FULL REPORT’. They Do NOT want that at All. Gee, I wonder what a […]

As Theresa May struggles to accomplish ANYTHING In The Brexit Vote, She Just (Bye bye!) did The “Equivalent” Of A Hail Mary in a football game, While Losing by 20 & not Having ‘ANY Receivers’ in The End Zone She just tried to “Bribe” the MP’s with a resignation if it Were To Pass. No, […]

Smollett Charges Dropped…

March 26th, 2019

In what can only be called “Unfathomably unthinkable” The ‘Charges’ Against Jussie (Insanity) Smollett have been Dropped by the city of Chicago. More Precisely Our Cook County prosecutors, State Attorney Kim Foxx and who you will remember “Recused Herself” because She was in touch, and knows his family dropped them. THIS is BULLSHIT!!! Kim Foxx […]

The investigation is Over. What Does it all mean?!?!? Well, it “means” that There will (Times up) be no More indictments from “him”. Don’t let that Somehow indicate That More legal charges Against Trump/His Family are not possible. We need 2 know everythin’ that’s IN The Report. Not, A Big Partisan Political “Opinion” from Barr. […]

No More Indictments…

March 22nd, 2019

In what can only be Called horrible to the country & “Institutions” of Justice (It was) Mueller Is Done. It Just ‘Depends’ On What/Who He Handed His Other Main findings to. If it’s the Southern Courts or District, then it’s still Not Over. If it isn’t. Then that’s the End of our entire country ever […]

It’s March Sadness Time!

March 21st, 2019

(Little tiny Orange hands moving very quickly side to side and havin’ thumbs touch with his index finger pointed up) Hey who do you have in your Brackets (Boo Hoo) for being arrested Next?!? I got Don Jr followed by “Kid Kushner”. I also got a hunch on The Southern District of NYC Court winnin’ […]

While the country Swirls the crapper as Orange Nazi Fat Pants, probably Insults (<Fidiot) babies & kittens Next…the rest of us are dealing with and Living in reality. And in my next of the woods, Chicago, we have a big Mayoral Race Happening right Now Tonight on Channel 7 local, at 6pm, just tune in. […]

Republican Cry Baby & Guy who Doesn’t understand “What” Twitter Is Devin “I’m (<-Dumbass!) Not Smart” Nunes Just Sued Twitter. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! What, A Maroon! He’s suing Over A “Parody Account” & he is Claiming, incorrectly he is being biased Against “Conservatives”. Um, Orange Ass is Spewing White Supremacist […]

In what can only be Called the “Holy shit that’s Obvious As All Fuck” category, it is (<-Mr. Racist) clear Trump Tweets, Echos And loves All His White Supremacists. Never Before, in Our Countries “History”, Has It Been This overt, Hateful & inciting. We’ve had other racist Presidents, But Nothing This Vile, & evil. NONE, […]

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