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CPAC-Cruel Pricks Acting Crazy…

February 26th, 2021

It’s Fry-day Bitches! That Means During COVID time, Pick Up Some Fry’s Where (Yum!) ever you Can. COVID Rates Are “Falling” Even one more death is Unacceptable to us. You know, Rational people who Care About Other Humans. Oh & Speaking of irrational people Who DON’T Care about Other Humans; it’s CPAC Week. No, it’s […]

Got His Taxes & Buh-Bye!

February 25th, 2021

There Have Been, 50 Million COVID vaccination Shots So far. That is so (Ka-pow!) amazingly great to hear. We Got a LOT more work Ahead. And…….we Have That “Things” Taxes In Hand BOOM! That’s All folks. He And his entire Crime Family are So Fucked They Are Likely All Getting Thrown UNDER The Jail, At […]

Hearing Hypocrisy, Jr Fucked…

February 24th, 2021

With all things COVID we keep getting good News; Which, is VERY Wonderful (Face Masks?) Johnson & Johnson Single Shot COVID vaccine has met Standards and Is now emergency approved! Cases will surely rapidly drop Even Faster now Woo hoo And in what can only be called the very Height Of Bonkers Hypocrisy, all of […]

Jail-Time, Split, Consequences…

February 23rd, 2021

While we are still dealing with the sheer Carnage of COVID, we ARE (Oooops) beating this Pandemic. The Cases are rapidly going down. While it’s great news, now is the time to be even more Strict/vigilant. Oh and Speaking of Vigilant; It Looks like “The Law” Will be Having it’s Way With Orange Prick/Family. They’ll […]

Death By Taxes & Garland Time…

February 22nd, 2021

We have lost 512,000 people to COVID Yes things are rapidly gettin way better (Bingo!) but this pain is real & we must all work tirelessly to fight it still. Oh & speaking of “real pain”, one orange asshole is so FUCKED. The ‘Supreme Court’, Will Not ‘Block’ Orange Dust Shitweasal’s Taxes From Being Released. […]

Back In Paris, Texas Suffers…

February 19th, 2021

Finally, Some VERY good news on the COVID front. Turns out two of (Cases Dropping) vaccine makers can now transport All Their Stuff without refrigerated trucks. YES! It can ship way faster now. And Speaking of “good news” we Are now BACK in the Fun Paris Agreement On the environment & we Should’ve never Left […]

Cancun Cruz & Tex-ASS…

February 18th, 2021

We’ve Lost 504, 724 citizens to This COVID Pandemic. It’s Heartbreaking (Gulp!) and Makes Us ALL “Fight” that much more to combat it, we can contain it We will. But what can’t be “Fixed” or ever Saved is what’s even left of the Republican Party. With TX, in ‘Crisis’, Turd Cruz decided “I think Now’d […]

Papa Joe, had A Town Hall last night & it was refreshing to have an actual (Let’s Work!) adult as President for Once. It had a “Oh yeah so that’s what it looks like” vibe to it. Speakin of utter fuck-ups lack Of Republican Leadership In TX has Caused Everythin from: “Oh we think It’s […]

Johnson’s A Dick, TX Fucked…

February 16th, 2021

While the rest of the rational, real, World Deals With COVID, & horrid (<-Derp!) Economic Strife; Seems all of the Republicans Can Not stop Putting their feet in their Mouths. In fact, its been stuck there Permanently Ron “Boy I love Terrorist Fascism” Johnson, decided to be the Latest R turds spewing hateful lies. They […]

Yes, it’s Presidents Day! Which, means We Remember the Greats. That “thing” (Wait, wha?!?) that just left Isn’t one of them. But we have a new One with Biden. We are all Working to Control COVID. And, While It, Is, Working; we Lost SO many lives Speaking of Losing Lives, “IT” was Just Acquitted Over […]

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