CPAC-Cruel Pricks Acting Crazy…

February 26th, 2021

It’s Fry-day Bitches! That Means During

COVID time, Pick Up Some Fry’s Where


ever you Can. COVID Rates Are “Falling”

Even one more death is Unacceptable to

us. You know, Rational people who Care

About Other Humans. Oh & Speaking of

irrational people Who DON’T Care about

Other Humans; it’s CPAC Week. No, it’s

not some New Hip Treatment for people

Who Want To “Quit” Smoking. It Stands

For- Crazy Prick Assholes Cunts. Too On

the Nose?! When you See what they say

(We know)

or spew. It’s Rather Spot on. Cruz is the

slimy slug, A ‘Golden Calf‘ & when even

the Hosts Beg The Monster They Helped

create to ‘Stop’; shit’s gone Sideways &

fast. Their Entire Event is A Hate Fueled

Racist Political Version of Comic-Con for

a Bunch Of Old fat diabetic white people

NOTE: And, In “Well Duh?!” News The Report Of
washington post journalist Jamal Khashoggi just
Confirmed he was killed by bin Salman. No SHIT
NOTE II: US Air-Strike In Syria, Directly Targets
Iranian backed Militia seeking to destabilize area

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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