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Happy Halloween to all!!! And in real world “scary” news, a maga (No more!) terrorist, Just Broke into Nancy Pelosi’s ‘House’, and “Beat” Her husband with a hammer. WTF? He’s in Critical Condition in the ICU as I Type. It is Terrorism & ‘Attempted Murder’. And, All Of GQP/Maga Republicans, Do Not only Not remain […]

With 2 weeks left to go in these historic “Midterm Elections”, the (While ya can!) early voting has been inspiring It All means Nothing without a Historic turn out of 51 million+ It’ll Likely Be WAY Higher and Not Many, Voting For Herschel Walker, “After” ANOTHER Lady came forward today Saying He took Her to […]

Sunak PM, Dropped & Stopped…

October 25th, 2022

Well, here’s Rishi Sunak, so come on down! You’re the Next Exciting (“Let’s Go!”) Contestant on “Who Wants To Be The Prime Minister?!?!”. Let’s see how long He lasts. Hoping he can “Un-Right” The ship with rational policies That Serve British People The “Artist”, ‘Formally’ Known As Racist Asshole Has been Dropped (<-“I’ma Racist”) like […]

The #ers don’t lie; the early voter Turn out Has Exploded. It’s Going (Bring it!) not only better than 2018 (when) D’s won Big. And it’s pacing even Better than 2020. Wow! There Is 2 Weeks to Drive Home the basic ‘Fact’ That R’s Offer NOTHING To Fix anything. Only Shut Down, & take your […]

4 Months In Jail & Reckoning…

October 21st, 2022

Steve “Racist Gross Felon” Was Just sentenced to 4 months for contempt (Bye Fucko!) of Congress. The Judge was so clear & Said they’d “Stay” the Jail IF they Filed an Appeal in 14 days. And, it’s Clear they’re Going to Lose since he Put Up ‘No Defense’. DC Circuit, Will move rapidly. He’s Going […]

When you elect Tories in the UK THIS is Exactly What You get, & (So Long!) You, Were, WARNED Non-Stop Hernia Truss just stepped down after 6 weeks. Face it, ya voted for “criminals” who lied 2 all of you imploded your economy to Enrich Themselves, Then ask to pick the Successor to Their fails […]

These ‘debates’ just keep better & better. And the Val Demmings (<-Fire!) one with Marco ‘Water’ Rubio Was Awesome. She Had Full command of Policy Facts, His votin record. She hammered him On Doing Nothing About AR-15’s, and his Shitty voting record Where he “Lied” about supporting workers & doesn’t Durham’s Partisan Ploy really just […]

Roevember & Midterms Turnout…

October 18th, 2022

As GQP’ers keep Either badly losing debates or just ‘Skipping Them’ flat (“My only vote”) out, Things Look Bleak For them in the Midterms. They’re All firmly on the Side of Crushin woman’s rights in “Full support” of Lindsay G’s Bill With a National Abortion Ban. This Election AND The next 5 cycles are The […]

Another weekend, and another hand full of Debates that Imploded for the GQP crazies. From MTG who melted down Yelling Insults instead of what she will do to serve voters to Walker “skipping” another Debate & instead going On “News Shows” To Make an even BIGGER Ass of himself. Yeeesh Warnock Has Been ‘Clear’ On […]

Pelosi Punch & Johnson Limp…

October 14th, 2022

Happy Friday all you Fun bastards! With the Jan 6th Committee laying (Boss!) bare TFG’s terrorist lunacy, we also were able to see in real time behind the bunker footage of Pelosi during the Assault. And, boy oh boy (Chefs Kiss) is, it, AWESOME. “If he comes here I’m gonna punch him out”. Ha GQP […]

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