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The NBA commissioner Adam Sliver, made a clear statement yesterday (no more) Racist owners & racism in general isn’t tolerated anymore in this league Banned 4 life. Yes, you read that correctly, for LIFE. He gone, ova, done BOOM!!!! Like a boss. The other owners will ‘vote him out’. Not because what is did was […]

This is a bad time for racists in America. They clearly don’t know how recording devices are used. Mostly because they are all older (Thanks Trump!) white racists, between 55-90 years of age. They don’t “get” all the technology. Sure, racists can be all shapes, sizes, creeds, & colors But in today’s world, statistically speaking, […]

N, E, G, R, O…bingo! Cliven seems lost as to ‘why’ he’s so racist So now right on que comes more racism from Cliven “Al” Bundy “I’m only this racist”) We all knew it was coming. So Bigot Boy Bundy spewed this shit: “We don’t have freedom to say what we want. If I call […]

Let’s take the boring long games, crotch grabbing, & the spitting of baseball, & add the ‘majesty of Football’ to it! (make a baby!) People are allowed to tackle you on your way to 1st base After home runs, you get a fresh baseball, & can now do a ‘dance’ spiking it at home plate. […]

What if I told you they were making powdered booze you could (WTF?!?!) snort?!?! You’d turn to me and say, “John, you are totally full of shit”, right? Well, not so fast. Let’s call it, “Booger Sugar Booze” They’re calling it “Palcohol”. Geeeee, I guess their going for that elusive market niche market of, “Coke […]

It seems the new Republican party today is a limitless renewable energy source for Mega Stupidity. If they were a movie, they’d be (Yep) called Batshitcrazy Man or Crapton Unamerica-Wacko Blowhard They’re in an endless losing battle vs reality spewin’ utter bullshit Everythin’ from “Hilary Clinton’s daughters pregnancy is staged” To ‘Dipshit Supreme rancher’ Cliven […]

It seems the far right wing terrorism in the US is on the rise In fact, since ’01, 21 people have died by Al Qaeda terrorism (yes, sadly so) in the US. Yet now, 34 have died at the hands of ‘right wing’ extremists. Their common ties are: intolerance, & “Religion” Oh, weird. Now, do […]

I’m pretty good with kids, the elderly, & ah..wait, what’s that third thing?!? Ahhhhhh….ahhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh. Oooooops (Mouth Poooops) Texass Governor Rick “Ooooops” Perry, has this “Grand Jury” investigation “occurring” right now, about whether, Old Ricky now politically “Forced Out”, the Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg. She’s been in office since 2009 & was convicted of drunk […]

Baby Juggling Epidemic…

April 18th, 2014

Like Small Pox, Polio, & Cancer a new epidemic is sweeping across (Missing 1 Barry) America; Baby Juggling. What many don’t know, is this defiant act of horror started in the days of vaudeville at a new place called Cafe Whelping Box. They ran out of dogs, but the local hookers had four baby’s at […]

Holy brick flinging anger batman! It’s more tense over there than a nerd tryin’ a new pick up line to get laid. *cough* I so (Pro-Russia brick prick) speak from direct experience on the nerd comment. So right now we have a Western leader in Ukraine calling on the UN for help. If he can’t […]

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