What if I told you they were making powdered booze you could


snort?!?! You’d turn to me and say, “John, you are totally full of

shit”, right? Well, not so fast. Let’s call it, “Booger Sugar Booze”

They’re calling it “Palcohol”. Geeeee, I guess their going for that

elusive market niche market of, “Coke Addicts Who Must Have

Booze”. No bitter taste, you can bring it anywhere, & is targeted

directly at kids. Whooooooooo hooooooooo. Bring in on losers!

IRS Non-Scandal Part III

Well, it seems a new report out shows that “progressive groups”

were targeted far more than Tea Party groups. But don’t expect


the ‘Tea Tard Truthers’ to ever accept reality. I mean, why start

now?!?! In fact, in my local city paper an opinion idiot named

Steve Huntley wrote about it again without siting a single valid

fact. After all, you don’t need facts when ya live in Fantasyland

Meh it’s not easy daily having to contort, confront, then ignore

all of reality. It’s a full time job. “Climate science doesn’t exist,

there’s rampant voter fraud, we’re not racists, we’re not dumb,

Odummer is a Commie, Tax Cuts help everyone, polls are lyin’,

& we don’t hate all those immigrants/women/gays/minorities”

(“I love lies”)

Issa failed, & these partisan pinata politics are wasting big tax $

But they don’t care. They never will, until you unseat them ALL

O’Really, Rush, & FOX Bash Colbert

It seems the mark/punch line, rarely knows it is the punch line

O’Really finally decided to fight back. He said that Colbert is a,


“deceiver”. He goes on to call him an “ideological fanatic who’s

misguided in the extreme, & he just uses comedy solely playing

exclusively to other believers”. Holy fuck shit that’s funny!!!!!!!!

He parodying you Bill & that is the greatest projection I’ve seen

Oh, if you’re a fan of Cliven Al Bundy, go enjoy all his racist hits

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro
They abort their young children, they put their young men
in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton………”

Oooooooooops. Seems the Neo-Confederate Oath Keeper Right

(“Slavery was great!”)

Wing Libertarian Tea Party Turds all share the same racist hate

Said it before, I’ll say it again. They’re as subtle as a ‘Klan Rally’

Does FOX’s Sean Hannity now have his own hood ready to go?!

The rule is “we all agree with that, but you can’t openly state it”

It’s not a secret anymore folks. Known it for a looooooong time

Tomorrow: Hey, Let’s Cross Baseball With Football For Fun

Have a day!

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