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Tax Fraud & New Years 2023!

December 31st, 2022

The former Old fat, lying Orange Anus; has been Caught lying For (Busted; again!) the 9 Billionth time. What do we win? A better country, & a much better congress that serves all a the american people not just the 1%. Voters ‘Hold’ ALL The Power and always will. And, the fat shit claimed he […]

The ‘Entire Republican Party’ Is more. It’s fractured, unstable & (We Know!) dying right before our Eyes. An example of why, George Santos Now, even more of his Silly lies come out (As If they weren’t all Going To) Causing Republican’s to Publicly Denounce him While (<-Fraud) not Doin’ a damn thing about it You […]

Consuming Each Other & Fraud…

December 28th, 2022

It seems the entire GQP’s now at War With The Republican Party & (Crimnal’s) they Deserve ‘everything’ Coming I “Mean”, ‘EVERYTHING’! Another Scammer “Stop The Steal” conner “douche”, Ali Alexander just threw Charlie Kirk  /  Turning Points USA under the biggest legal issues bus For Jan 6th. Ahem, No, it is All of Them. But […]

Not Enough Votes & Failed Scam…

December 27th, 2022

Kevin “I support Domestic Terrorists” McCarthy Doesn’t Have the Required (OWN it!) 218 Votes ‘Needed’ For The Speaker’s chair. Oooooooops. He is Short By 10 votes or So & Can only Lose 4 of their 222 (Which; Might Be Losing Another who Committed Voter Fraud lying On their Candidacy form). They Are now reaping All […]

Lake Under Water & Hope…

December 26th, 2022

Not Only Has every Election Denier lost, they’ve lost every Legal battle (Bye!) as well. Because facts are facts, & PR is ‘Bullshit’. Pretty Simple stuff folks. Her Lies Were thrown out of court “faster” than The other idiot And BOTH will face legal problems cause Of it All. Playing Games with the Courts Ends […]

Jan 6th Report Released & Xmas…

December 23rd, 2022

Standin’ at over 800+ pages, the Final Jan 6th Report, is as Legally (Ha!) damnin’ As you’d think. Orange Anus Is Directly Responsible for inciting all The Jan 6th Violence And, it doesn’t end with him nor most Of The Republican’s in our Congress. They’re All So legally Fucked…It’s Hilarious. And, they ‘Earned’ it all Being […]

President Zelensky just gave an Inspired, Historic speech to the (YES!) US Congress Last night. It Was a Message Of Strength, Hope & the Power Of Unity In the fight For Democracy. And, naturally, The Fascist Republicans left In Congress, sat Down, Texted, & ignored Him siding with Putin What if I told You, that […]

Turns Out TFG, AKA The Orange Anus Had a Nice Little Tax Scam (<-Jagoff) going on for the Past 6 years and more. How About, Paying Only A lousy $750 for 2 years & $0 for 1 WTF?!?! Billionaire My Hairy Ass While there are legal issues Here for sure, It also Makes Him Very […]

Budget, Mitch & The Big Ditch…

December 20th, 2022

We have a new $ 1.7 Trillion Spending Bill to avoid a Government Shut-Down (Let’s go!) And with the current & incomin make up of the US Senate it’s “likely” to get done. Mitch will try his usual tricks to stall for The House in 2023 but this Is a different Landscape. He isn’t In […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Stepping Down after ‘Decades’ of Severing the (Historic!) American people in Congress John Bohner Gave one Stellar Speech. While She’ll Be Very Missed She’ll Be Assisting All Democratic ‘Leadership rolls’ Her ability To Get Legislation into law Was Legendary, and the World’s a better place for it. And In Big ‘News’ The Jan […]

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