President Zelensky just gave an

Inspired, Historic speech to the


US Congress Last night. It Was

a Message Of Strength, Hope &

the Power Of Unity In the fight

For Democracy. And, naturally,

The Fascist Republicans left In

Congress, sat Down, Texted, &

ignored Him siding with Putin

What if I told You, that FOX is


so Legally F’ed It’s actually so

“Hilarious”. The ‘big’ Dominion

lawsuit is in Discovery and Oh

Boy is It damming. Hannity is

under Oath sayin of his big lie

“Didn’t believe it For 1 second”

And, FOX News Exec’s Echoed

the same under oath. That so

legally meets the hard criteria

(Yes, Racist)

for Defamation/Libel. Case is

Closed, They Are So FUCKED

NOTE: Republican George Santos, Is In BIG Legal
Trouble Over his Non-stop lies Totally Making shit
up about his Entire Resume/Career/Life. Ooooops

Have A Day!

152 Responses to “Historic Speech & FOX Is F’ed…”

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  140. Tuyetprign

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  141. Tuyetprign

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  142. Tuyetprign

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  144. Tuyetprign

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  145. Chriscup

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  149. Tuyetprign

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