Not Enough Votes & Failed Scam…

December 27th, 2022

Kevin “I support Domestic Terrorists”

McCarthy Doesn’t Have the Required

(OWN it!)

218 Votes ‘Needed’ For The Speaker’s

chair. Oooooooops. He is Short By 10

votes or So & Can only Lose 4 of their

222 (Which; Might Be Losing Another

who Committed Voter Fraud lying On

their Candidacy form). They Are now

reaping All their Divisive hate they’ve


sown. And in what can only be called

‘expected’ “Comeuppance” Lake tries

to “appeal” a fair ruling with more bs

It will Cost her more than She grasps

Filing Fake Lawsuits Is Illegal. She is

gonna have to pay for opposing legal

consul’s legal fee’s; ha HA HA HA HA


She’s doing It to grift $ from Suckers

And THAT Act Is Also illegal. Ha HA!

NOTE: The Supreme Court Keeps on Title 42 Bans On
Refugee’s/Immigration. It’s the Correct Legal Decision

Have A Day!

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