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While Trump is Shitting his wide bottomed pants twunting stuff Like “Witch Hunt!”, the rest of our (Oooops) world is moving to Finally do the right thing. And it’s Hitting the NRA/Assault Weapon makers right in the Wallet! Dicks will no longer Sell these guns in Their Stores. And Now “Neither” Will Wal-Mart It’s just […]

Seems these days republicans in power & The Entire White House Are Panicking. Ah, (You & Don Best) they should be. Jared Kushner’s “Security” clearance has been “downgraded”. Ohhhh Why Was It Every ALLOWED in The FIRST place When He Had NONE?!?! They Are all terrified, Planning For all of The upcoming charges. THAT’S why […]

SCOTUS Slap, Dipfucks Delusion…

February 26th, 2018

Supreme Court decided ending DACA is Not an option for Trump shits. Oooooooooooops (Yes) Seems it’s not remotely legal. And today the Staute of Liberty, puff out her chest, and she counter Punches Thanks in Large Part to The “Judiciary” Following The laws of Our land. It is AWESOME. This Fight Has Just Begun And […]

Gates Guilty Of Conspiracy…

February 23rd, 2018

This is another big salvo in what will be the most incredible, Historic downfall ever seen (Enjoy it!) They should ALL be terrified. Every single 1 of Them. Kushner, Sessions, Tilerson, Kelly, Pence, Don Jr., ‘Finally Ending’ With Trump Gates Plead GUILTY Today To Lying To The FBI & Conspiracy Against The United States Manafort […]

Republican Party Politicians, Trumper’s, Far Right wing talkin’ hate outlets. Ya Already lost this fight (Hero’s) You “lost” It before it started. There’s no debate to even have. And the More they All Attack these Kids the sooner our change occurs. Proceed you soulless Immoral lyin’ Assholes. Dana Loesch has Two faces One To The Town […]

You know by Now The Parkland High School Students By Now. You Also Know what all of (Boom!) the right did in trying to claim they are just a group Of “Paid Actors”. It’s not Just low, evil, hateful, immoral and Destructively hurtful. It means They Are WINNING An Argument That should never Have Been […]

Hope you Guys has a stellar Presidents’ Day The Apostrophe, Means All, So Trump Won’t (Yesterday!) likely be able to share….and since he Shares nothing in Common with the Best One’s who fucking Cares?!?!?! Mueller is Turning up the Heat, ‘Right Now’. ANOTHER Russian Lawyer who is Directly Tied to Gates Was indicted & It […]

Russian Meddling Charges…

February 16th, 2018

Uh oh. Muellers team just charged 13 Russians for Meddling in The 2016 Election. Oooooooops! (More To Come!) This is “not” a good Sign at all for Trumper and crew. This investigation is heating up. This isn’t a game and they should all be terrified. You can bet Many Of Them Will Roll like Kids […]

The Shooter From Yesterdays horror’ll not be named here. He deserves NOTHING, & (So Sad!) no attention at all. But turns out he was a BIG Trumper White Supremacist terrorist group. He “Trained” with them. This Is so Very Deadly Shit here people. Trump CUT FBI Funding to root out and combat these Domestic Terrorists. […]

All of our hearts are shattered apart today It’s hard to type this. Truly, honestly, very (Broken Heart) Hard. ANOTHER Mass Shooting Today in our kill box masqueradin’ as a democracy 17+ High School Students Are DEAD and maybe 30+ severally injured. This was in Parkland Florida. Our Daughter Is there & had Friends in That […]

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