While Trump is Shitting his wide bottomed pants

twunting stuff Like “Witch Hunt!”, the rest of our


world is moving to Finally do the right thing. And

it’s Hitting the NRA/Assault Weapon makers right

in the Wallet! Dicks will no longer Sell these guns

in Their Stores. And Now “Neither” Will Wal-Mart

It’s just the Beginning. When Corrupt law makers

see that $ isn’t behind IT they’ll all aboutface fast

Don’t remotely Think it’s because They’re moral &

just. They Are WHORES for The $. The fact that a

(No Shit)

massive number are Republicans Isn’t shockin’ at

all either. And while ALL of this is playing out this

Nice Mueller Time of Him ‘Dropping’ ALL charges

on Gates. Wow Whatever he got from him Musta

been “AMAZING” Enough For that kinda quid pro

quo shit. And Finally, While ‘Progressive’ Bryanna

Westbrook didn’t Win The Primary, more will and

the Progressive Democrats Just Flipped two state


seats, That Were MASSIVELY Republican Last Nite

Look out, A “Tidal Wave” of Change is coming fast

NOTE: Hope “For” Hicks QUITS The Flaming, Pile Of
Trump Trash Fire. Doesn’t Mean She’s Not A Part Of
This Legal Horror/Jail Coming. Just That She Is Open
To Flipping, Fast. They, Are, All, Royally Fucked Now

Have a day!

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