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Mid-Term Madness!

October 31st, 2018

As V-Day rapidly Approaches, the Orange shit storm is throwing everything possible (Yep!) at the wall to see what Distracts Or Sticks This isn’t about policy, government or law It’s about one Thing. FEAR. It is all Tricks & no Treats. So while Trump’s Costume Is a HAIRY Asshole Everyday, the Rest of us Turn […]

Truly Scary Times…

October 30th, 2018

All Of Pittsburgh Told Trump “Ahem, You Are not welcome”. Over 2,000 protestors showed (Victims Remembered) up to Say that to Trump & Trophy Hooker #3 While Trump, Is Calling To “Ban All Birthright citizenship”, the rest of The Country’s Getting ready To VOTE. Make No mistake. This is just a “tactic”. A Poor one […]

The sheer Horror of the events on Saturday are only matched by the racist hateful violence that (All day) is found Almost Exclusively on The FAR RIGHT There’s simply no equivalence 2 this hate or of extreme Violence On The Left. Period. Full stop And what Does Trump, Sanders & all the Right wingers In […]

MAGA Bomber Caught!

October 26th, 2018

The Entire World Already KNEW Who it Was before They Were Caught. People don’t just (MAGA Hate) specifically Target Political Rivals For Bomb Assassination. This event of 13 Bombs sent to Assassinate Democrats & CNN has never ever happened. This isn’t a fucking game & any ASSHOLE Spewing This “Both Sides Do it” is an […]

Trump and the entire Reich Wing Hate Bubble are doin’ what they always do. Ratchet up the (Can’t spell FLA) hate to 9 Billion. And Who does Trump blame for these Terrorist bombs?!?! The Media?!?!?! Ohhhhhh Trump can not Fuck off fast enough Along with the choir of lies, hate, division and lunacy from the […]

Hot Debates & Hate Sent…

October 24th, 2018

Debates are being had all over the country in tight races. Abrams VS Kemp and the Sparks (Polices 1st!) flew fast with Voter Suppression charges and they landed squarely on Kemp. They are in a Dead Heat right Now. Kemp has a 1.5% lead but appears to be shrinkin due to early Votes And in […]

If that is even humanly Possible. Yes, he’s now lying at a “rate” with such lunacy, it’s even way more than (Body Snatcher) this usual bullshit. Let’s call it his Mid-term Bullshit Extravaganza racist edition of “lies”. Here they are -“Criminals & unknown Middle Easterners are in the Caravan” -“The Democrats have launched an assault […]

Election Time Is Almost Here!

October 19th, 2018

It’s the ONE thing we as Citizens can do to effect direct change in our government. So (VOTE!) anyone Telling you Different is Either: One Apathetic Anarchist Type, Or B) Republican This Mid-Term EVERYTHING Depends On U Your Vote, Your Activism, You Canvasing & Your Drive! Vote early and Vote often. I kid NOTE: Trump […]

The Pompeo & Trump Cover-up…

October 18th, 2018

Seems $ is Morality for The Entire Republican Party/Trumpland today. A Reporter didn’t just (On the take) “disappear” Or was “lost”. He was tortured and clearly MURDERED. This is not News, this is an overt obvious Act by the Saudi’s When they cut him into pieces while alive. So, what are Trump and Pompeo Doing […]

Saudi Murder & Dump Trump…

October 17th, 2018

We are in terribly disgusting times as you already Well Know. A Saudi Reporter Was (Chopped Up) “butchered” in a clear death interrogation in the Consulate. Trump is Doing Nothing, since $ Is Flowing from Saudi leaders and this Is not only illegal. It’s fucking murder Geeeeeeeees, this is some really Sick Shit Going On […]

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