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No Blog Today…

October 15th, 2018

Sorry, have horrible Sciatica paint right now No excuses, just too much pain right now so sorry about that. My Football Days Do Come back to haunt me from time to time. Now go have A great day, register to vote & kick ass! Have a day!

Fuckabout Friday…

October 12th, 2018

The title does exactly what it says. Now go (True that) out, take a breath, and have some Fun. The the best way to Enjoy Life is to Soak it all in Oh, and go REGISTER To VOTE. That as well Have a weekend!

Dow Down; Dummy Distraction…

October 11th, 2018

The Market looks a ‘LOT’ like it Did Under W Bush these last 2 days. Highly volatile 2,000 (We remember) point Nose Dive. It’s the Worst 2 day slide in since February. Should ‘Recover’ since it just seems to be a “Sell Off” which lasts around 3 days, but be wary. As we deal with […]

As Michael Pummels Panama City & Tally in Florida all we “Hope For” is everyone’s (Terrible) safe. Take Shelter if You’re riding it out, & know it’s passing now. Just be safe, & stay indoors. Crazy Won’t help you. Speakin’ of “Crazy” in Trumpland, They Are all Mad at Taylor Swift of Getting Brisk Voting, […]

Collins Fraud & Haley Gone…

October 9th, 2018

Susan Collins is up for Re-election in 2020 And she doesn’t have an opponent yet but (A liar too) whom ever that is will Have $3.5 million + waiting for them. Wow, this isn’t A fucking game & Susan/crew are all going down for their “Horrific” Kavanaugh Vote. And All of energy is now on […]

In an act of cowardice so disgusting that the entire World Took Notice: Flake, Collins And (<-Disgusting Liar) a hand of others allowed Bart O’Kavanugh a seat On The SCOTUS. And, Make No Mistake, this is a bad Situation, sure. But now the real fight Begins. As The Toilet Paper Shoe Moron does His Usual […]

The Immoral Cowards…

October 5th, 2018

Continue their fall. Collins will vote “Yes” on Kavanaugh. The three Biggest cowards in all (Truth) of this Mess will be Flake, Manchin & Collins Just Remember, do not Despair, do not Lose hope, and do Not Quit. Yes, Senators who’ve all Clearly Lost their way vote tomorrow, but WE Vote, ‘November 6th’. Elections DO […]

A “Sham” Investigation?!?!

October 4th, 2018

Honestly we do not know. Being objective is what I always try to do here. Always call out (If R’s Fail) the villains on either side. These days that is far more on the Republican side of isle cause they Control All “THREE Branches” of Our US government. It looks very “bad” that the FBI […]

After Trump Attacked Dr. Ford, Which Is Par for the super Prick Golf course, It seems that (<-Immoral fuck) some Republicans Aren’t Having it. Gee, did they “NOT” Know who Trump is?!?!?! This is not a shock. How the ever Lovin’ fuck R they now just “learning” who he is. Well, they are going to […]

As Brett O’Kavanugh sinks to the bottom of Lake Bullshit, The FBI Is Speaking With And Recording (<-Dean McAdam buy!) everything that he lied about…under oath. These are SERIOUS Problems. Some one Drinking a lot in High School or College isn’t the Issue. It never really was. It’s A 53 Year Old JUDGE LYIN’ About […]

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