Collins Fraud & Haley Gone…

October 9th, 2018

Susan Collins is up for Re-election in 2020

And she doesn’t have an opponent yet but

(A liar too)

whom ever that is will Have $3.5 million +

waiting for them. Wow, this isn’t A fucking

game & Susan/crew are all going down for

their “Horrific” Kavanaugh Vote. And All of

energy is now on the new Deal Democratic

progressive side of dial. Time are changing

rapidly. Register to Vote & Use Your Power

The Biggest Problem For The TeaOP is that

they control EVERYTHING, yet are bitching

about being the “victim”. GTFOOH you ass

(Trump Minion)

holes. And as all this goes down, Nikkky “A

GOP Troll” Haley, Is “Stepping Down” From

her UN Roll Which Means Another One bites

the crust. At this Rate Trump won’t make it

to December before he is jailed or put away

NOTE: Ford Plans A Layoff Of, White Collar Workers
Of Around 12% or 24,000 jobs worldwide. Ahem Ya
Wanted Trumps Tariff Hell, You Got It! Oooooooops!

Have a day!

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