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We Do Not Have A President…

August 21st, 2019

America isn’t just A Rudderless Ship Steering towards all the rocks to be obliterated, It is a (Oooops) place where the top 1%/K Street donor class are ruining us into Said ‘Rocks’ (A soon to be in the next 1-2.5 years Dead Economy) while a fat Sociopathic Racist Child ‘Plays’ dumbass dick Dress up, By […]

Another week & another “prevention” of a racist MAGA Loving Mass Shooter. This, Is Some Good (We Know) news we all need. Hint: Violent Nazi’s Will “Not” be Tolerated In this Country. And how bad is It for Republican Nazi’s?!?!? Well, the Entire world won’t tolerate them…& for Steve King, an empty room Spoke VOLUMES. […]

Yet another day In American & another Mass Shooting. This “time”, Cops Were (Fucked up) shot at by another criminal shooter and they were loaded for bear. 6 police were shot and 9 were Wounded by this act of hate. Mayor Jim Kenny said it’s A damn “Miracle” more weren’t Killed/Wounded He also clearly stated […]

Today, the stock market plunged. And it has to do with a Couple different Factors (Jeeeeez) World Markets sagging, this Hong Kong protest/Democracy rising issue, Europe, & Trump Playing Trade War Tariffs That are “Easy” to win…but he can’t seem to do it. He is good a spewin’ lies and hate It will bounce back, […]

Trumps latest “Mouth piece” of xenophobic hate & Moron, Who Helped Turn Virginia Blue, Kenny (<-“I’m a prick”) “I’m an immoral pile of scum” Cuccinelli decided to spew some more Hate. He tried to change the actual Poem By Emma Lazarus On the Statue Of Liberty to “Who can Stand on their Own two feet […]

Epstein Is Found Dead…

August 12th, 2019

It what can only be called “Water is Wet” the most “important criminal” to Implicate all the (Teacher, dropout?) most powerful high profile people is…..dead He was found Dead in his jail cell AFTER he tried to Supposedly Kill himself. There are a LOT of Questions & no answers for this bold lunacy. And Who […]

The “Lowest” It Gets…

August 9th, 2019

When a small girl’s Crying, Because her parents Were “Taken” By ICE, while WORKING AT THEIR (WTF?!?!) fucking JOB. We Are In The End Game Now And it Is The WORST of Us. This Must End, & it Must end NOW. The children were JUST FUCKING left there by ICE Agents. It is Immoral, It’s […]

Much like In An NFL Game, If It’s 3 & 10, You’re gonna pass. Well the Grieving Victims of El Paso (Leave us be) are Telling Trump/Plastic Toy to just leave us all alone. Unless he’s goin to condemn all the racist shit he said accepting responsibility & supporting actual “Sensible” gun reform. They Don’t […]

In the 2nd Amendment, it Says “Well Regulated” Militia. Not, “Hey, have as many fucking guns as (We Know) ya like. In fact have 20 a piece & buy em online” This country will see Sensible Gun Reform in the next 2 years. It’s comin’ since 93%+ people ALL agree with the basics. It’s just […]

Over this Weekend, our Country has yet another horrific & Heartbreaking Test. Will WE effect real (We Know) change on Our Gun Laws; or Continue To Watch innocent American citizens get slaughtered dead For ‘Nothing’ More Than NRA/Gun Makers Profits Make no mistake; these “Overt acts” of Domestic Terrorism are Overwhelmingly found on the right […]

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