Trumps latest “Mouth piece” of xenophobic hate

& Moron, Who Helped Turn Virginia Blue, Kenny

(<-“I’m a prick”)

“I’m an immoral pile of scum” Cuccinelli decided

to spew some more Hate. He tried to change the

actual Poem By Emma Lazarus On the Statue Of

Liberty to “Who can Stand on their Own two feet

& not become a public charge”; said the guy who


unacceptable “Bigoted” immoral Fucking Asshole

No one wants Immigrants Coming In On Welfare

ever. But refugee’s, with literally NOTHING might

(We Know)

be in trouble. But, he, & these immoral monsters

all think “Well fuck em!”. These are the echoes of

racist, Fascist hate. Nothing is more disturbing in

Our Lifetimes. Nothing. Well, Except Maybe All of

The Protests In Hong Kong Right Now. Protestors

are “Sending An Important Message” at the Hong

Kong Airport. We Stand For “Freedom”. And their

big answer?!?!? Nope, we Sent Riot Police to start


making You Feel our “Fascism”. This is Bad Folks

NOTE: Trump Caves On Tariffs With China Because “Trade Wars”
Are Complex & Require extraordinary Intellect & Economic Savvy
Which “Racist Lying Asshole”, Doesn’t Have. This, is for the 2020
Election So The Economy Isn’t In The Toilet Just ‘Yet’. Disgusting

Have a day!


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