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Now we turn to Infrastructure structure what’s your function?!?!?!?!?!? (A funny (It is now!) callback for School House Rock fans). A time to make Sure all of Our Crumbling infrastructure needs a facelift 2 keep up with the times. This so country needs it, the jobs that come with it, the tech that is Installed […]

Asian Hate Crimes & Dopes…

March 30th, 2021

With COVID cases rising, but deaths fallin (COUGH) it’s cause of vaccines (<-Fidiots) Things’ll get better. But they should Have ALREADY. Denial ‘Crippled’ us when Fat Orange Ass/his Dumb-ass pals DID “NOTHING”. And Now, The very same People are openin’ way 2 early; AGAIN, jeeeez. And the same assholes opening early are also very responsible […]

COVID cases are rising again, because we SOME Leaders who’re abject, failed (<-CDC Director) Assholes incapable of Ethical, rational service to Their Voters. We are almost done. Almost won. But almost doesn’t count against A Deadly pandemic. We will Beat This. Mask up, Stay at home, & get Vaccinated. Oh and Speaking of people who […]

Look At how Awesome you Guys All are. Another Week in the books and (Zing!) also During A Pandemic. Well done! We just hit a new vaccine milestone of 3.4 Million Arms in One day, and it, Is, Only, Getting, Higher. We will top out, around 5.2-5.5 Per day but that is still incredible. And […]

We Are Going to Have 200 Vaccines in arms in his 1st 100 days. Whooo hooo (“Ehhhhhh!”) Press conference, schmess conference Today Joey B (It is my new buddy/pal name for him) had His 1st Big Presser You Know It’s Bad, Cause Republicans are howling like a wolf stuck in a bear trap. And Actual […]

HR1, A Hero & The Cowards…

March 24th, 2021

The House Passed HR1 early March Now it is on to The Senate. And the (Yes Indeed!) sacred Act Of Voting, In this Nation is at stake. One side the Democrats want eligible voters to Vote and the Republicans All want to Deny votes When a ‘Political Party’ never offers Any ‘Policies’ Americans want, then […]

Another day, ANOTHER Horrific Mass shootin. Same events, same outcome (Insanity) The Families, Community and country will not be the same. Oh to make shit even worse an assaultweapons ban in CO was Lifted 10 Days ago. The killer Got his Gun SIX Days Ago. The entire Damn World knows The Vast Majority of Citizens […]

COVID Vaccines Are Working, we are falling at great rates. Now is the time (Bingo!) to B 5x’s a vigilant. Stay strong, we are a lil’ over A Month from likely all getting more Normalcy. Think about that. What’s THAT Like? It’ll all Be a “Bucket of giggles” finding out again And, While We ALL […]

Welcome To Friday, You Made It! Yes, You did. And these days, that’s a feet in and of (Argh!) itself. COVID Infections Are Falling due to Actual, ‘Pandemic’ Actions, & Vaccinations being distributed to over 100 million of us And Now That Our Russian Adversaries do not have An ‘Asset’ in the Presidency (Still have […]

We have 550,761 souls in this pandemic Let That Number Sink in, REALLY sink In (Lights Lost) for A Moment. And, the numbers Are All falling FAST. While that is Good, the key here is Vigilance! Maskup, Stay inside If you can be safe. We’re in the home turn of “Winning” here. Now, speaking of […]

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