Another day, ANOTHER Horrific Mass

shootin. Same events, same outcome


The Families, Community and country

will not be the same. Oh to make shit

even worse an assaultweapons ban in

CO was Lifted 10 Days ago. The killer

Got his Gun SIX Days Ago. The entire

Damn World knows The Vast Majority

of Citizens Want UBC’s, Mental health

Screening & AR-15’s/Weapons Of War

Banned From Citizens Hands. They’ve

only ONE purpose. Mass Death. None

other. And so what do Republicans do

then?! Take NRA/Gun Lobby $, All Do

(<-All R’s)

nothing & let more die every day. Pro

Life My ASS! Rational Gun Reform, is

what The Country WANTS. Don’t give

it to us then get Voted Out; easy shit

Pretty soon, A “company” will start to

make “new hearts” cause we have no

more Pieces of It to “Break” Over this

When You’re Supposed To Be Making

laws that Serve & Protect Us, you can

take Your “Thoughts & Prayers”, and

ram them all directly up your evil ass

Oh, Speaking of “Evil Asses”, it Turns


out most of the Vile Violent Terrorist

Anti-American Racist Fascists will be

Charged With, Sedition. BRAVO, the

entire Universe totally Applauds that

Move. BOOM. Nothing Like This, Has

ever happened in recent History, nor

will we Allow it to ever Happen again

NOTE: Princess Of Arizona, On The View Is Sorry
She ‘Spewed Hate’. As A Trumper, her entire life
Is Doing That. No One cares what she says/does
Anymore. She made $ on hate, now she lost it to
And Now, That “My Pillow Douche”, has OJ’s Alan
“I’m a Disgrace” Dershowitz As his lawyer. Ha ha

Have A “Safe” Day!

5 Responses to “Another Mass Shooting & Sedition…”

  1. John Bolger

    Stop the gun violence mass shootings. Enough is enough!

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