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There will be no government shut down or Debt Ceiling default now (<-174 Terrorists) Well, at Least not until December and then Republican’s won’t do it then either. It’s an insane Bluff of lunatic Asshole levels Not knowin’ Pelosi has the Votes to pass’ it in Reconciliation, & Mitch ‘Does Not’ It’s Futile Shit. They’re […]

The ‘Entire’ Republican party in Congress today Is A failed joke (“Dumbass R’s”) In fact, They’ve now Become A Loud, Lying, Hateful, bunch of Anti-Military ‘Brats’. For Sitting R’s Berating the Military heads in a “sham” hearing. For a pile of Non-serving Assholes, They sure tried to Attack/Berate em for dirty political games & had […]

Anti-Vaxxers Fired & Hero Cop…

September 28th, 2021

Massachusetts state police has made ‘Vaccinations’ Mandatory. Good, This (Are dyin’ off) is a historically non-political event in every ‘possible way’. It is about viral science & Health. So the Media went with a headline about 100’s who will not comply. BUZZ! It was one… And to those like All 175 NC hospital workers Out […]

Gatez’s Scheme Team & Liftoff…

September 27th, 2021

What if I told you that Matt “I like to Fuck under-aged teens” (“It’s” BACK!) Gaetz knows he’s in Dire legal trouble Resulting in Jail? Well he Hired All the Lawyers for a slew of Sex/Drug Crimes from now dead Epstein to El Chapo to A “Convicted” sex trafficker Keith Raniere, Ooooooops. He (Ya fucked) […]

What keeps “losing” every day with No End in Sight, And Also (<-Scammers) getting in worse legal trouble? The, Entire ‘Republican Party’ ZING! The “Fraudit” they did turned Out To Have Widened the Margin of victory favorin’ Biden / Harris. Well, No SHIT Sherlock. And they really had no legal right to touch ballots (No […]

Batshitcrazy Tools & COVIDIOTS…

September 23rd, 2021

Now we have some Republican insane Asshole’s Trying to Play (<-Jagoff’s!) Act A “Decertification” process exists. It, does, NOT. And they Know it. But, Their “Grift” Still Continues Trying To Sucker IN Chumps. Rudy G & Bannon all Still Have Dire legal shit that’s coming their Way. Playin With (Bye bye!) this stuff “Speeds” All that Up […]

Cruz Crushed & The “Dopes”…

September 22nd, 2021

Turd Cruz Gets ‘Stuffed’ into A tiny locker & seemed to enjoy it. He so (“Last brain cell!”) tried to Ask about Racist Voter ID laws & was Treated to honest real Explanations, & Examples He Did not expect. Ooooooops. Professor ‘Franita Tolson’, Clearly Explained to him how the Laws are Racist & what Their […]

Debt Douchebags & Legal Hell…

September 21st, 2021

It’s no Secret every sittin Republican in office these days is an abject lying (<-Sociopath Prick!) asshole sociopath. And they keep on Proving it, Every Day. Now, Every R will Vote For The US to “Default” on our debt. When ya Want to Ruin the Economy, ‘Elect A Republican’. Hint: Reagan, Black Monday. W Bush, […]

The thing About idiotic Asshole Racist Terrorists; they’re pretty (We Know!) fucking Dumb. And Their “turn out” Was, A Massive Flop. Just like All Of their Hate rallies are See, They’re just Ya’ll Qaeda & Vanilla ISIS. “Same” ‘Ignorant’ religious Violent Hate, but just a different cloud guy. That’s so about it. And as they […]

Monster Must Pay & Finding Out…

September 17th, 2021

The FBI has not only dropped the ball in prosecuting Sexual Abuser (<-Hero’s) Larry Nassar. They All popped it, deflated it, Folded it Up, put it in a drawer then said “No such ball ever Existed”. No, That Will NOT stand. Brave gymnasts all came forward to Call Out His abuse, & point Out The […]

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