The ‘Entire’ Republican party in

Congress today Is A failed joke

(“Dumbass R’s”)

In fact, They’ve now Become A

Loud, Lying, Hateful, bunch of

Anti-Military ‘Brats’. For Sitting

R’s Berating the Military heads

in a “sham” hearing. For a pile

of Non-serving Assholes, They

sure tried to Attack/Berate em

for dirty political games & had

the exact Opposite effect. And,

In ‘One Exchange’, Matt “Pedo”


Gaetz is totally clueless about

his own ‘Projection’ Hypocrisy

screaming About: “Failing Up”

These immoral Criminals, Are

nothing Monsters About to hit

“peak schadenfreude” quickly

Speakin of comeuppance, it’s

No Surprise R-Kristi Noem, is

now Under investigation for A

favor For Her Daughter, while

she’s also Accused of An Affair


With Maga Slug Lewandowski

Down Down down they all Go!

NOTE: Military Moron, ignores her Sworn Oath,
Rules of service, Violated UCMJ & science, then
E-begs. The door can’t hit your ass fast enough

Have A “Safe” Day!

3 Responses to “Berating Brats & Cheatin’ Noem…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republican’s offer no policies, no solutions, NOTHING

    And, they’re criminal monsters to boot. Bye bye!!!

  2. NorbertTow

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  3. oysurc2016

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