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Pence was legally compelled to Testify Yesterday & Do so for 7 (Fly Guy Shit!) hours. Ooops. TFG’s so legally F’ed. Under Oath, He spilled it ALL. No way he Couldn’t Have Jack Smith is ‘Wrapping Up’ & Will ‘Indict’ (Irrefutable proof) And, More Indictments Will Be (Bingo!) coming week to week. Busted! There’s no […]

Turns out, most of the R’s in Congress today are In some (<-“Criming”) VERY Deep legal Trouble. It Is only Gonna get Worse by the day. One of them is Ted “Coup on Tape” Cruz; ohhh boy Is he Legally so fucked! He’s on tape talkin’ to Fox’s Bartiromo about It In Detail (Busted!) Oooooops. […]

FOX cuts ties with over 4 hosts And There’s More Who Will Get (So Long!) cut in the coming days/months Fucker Carlson is Done. And, it couldn’t happen to a bigger ass hole Nazi. Bartaromo, out. And Pirro, out. Dan Bongo, out. It’s All “Due” To FOX Losing $787.5 (We Know!) million. Ingraham could be […]

FOX just coughed up $787.5 million To Dominion. They Settled, Because (True!) They Knew They Lost. Dominion let them off the Hook here. No apology or On Air Retraction of all Their Lies Disgusting. Smartmatic’s up next & better Take em for all They Got Left AND get them To Publicly State that (Bingo!) They […]

Sham Show & Thomas Fraud…

April 17th, 2023

Forget the GQP don’t actually do anything in office. And it’s (“I’m BS!”) proven in everything they do Or, DON’T Do. Like, ‘Govern’ Gym Jordan Decided he’d go To NYC, On Tax Payer $, just to create a Sham Show. Oof it went over about as well as Their ‘Approval Ratings’. It is (Bye bye!) […]

When your state is under water no better time than pass horrid (We Know!) Abortion restriction laws in the Dead of Night, right?! Ronny D Did Just that And It’ll Cost Him ‘Everything’. 75% Of Floridians Oppose This. Includin’ 61% R’s Now Most all R’s are Fallin’ into place “supporting” a Traitor spy (Bingo!) kid […]

“TFG is in Court Again Today” will A “Sentence” you Can utter every (Truth) week for the next 2 Years+. And, it’s going to get worse…for all em TFG Is on The Hook For $250 Mil In the Civil Trial & he’s busted on all counts Here. And these aren’t The legally Damning Indictments It […]

Turns out Republican’s WANT adults To Fuck/Rape & Marry little children (We know!) WTF?!?! I kid you Not. A lunatic Law ‘maker’, Mike Moon of Missouri, said “I know 12 year olds who got married and Guess what; They’re still Married” Well, Children Who are Raped & Also Married Seem to lack the $/power to […]

Another day in ‘Merica, another “Mass Shooting”. This Will only (No MORE!) end when enough citizens Band Together to Protest, elect actual leaders who’ll ‘Do’ Something & VOTE. Until then, kids Die. It Is Pretty ‘simple shit’. 4 Killed & 9 Wounded. Republican’s, Can All ‘Take’ Their “Thought & Prayers” (Shove IT!) & cram Them […]

Clarence Thomas & his insurrectionist Wife Ginni Are in DEEP Legal & ‘Bribe’ (Oooops!) Trouble. See, A Reich Wing Billionaire lavished them with gifts to do alla his bidding in rulings. Oooooooooooooops THAT, Is ‘Called’ A Bribe. Harlan Crow is like a bad 80’s villain; consequences are loomin’. This is not acceptable shit The entire RepublKlan […]

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