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These are not “protests”. The key to any 1st amendment “protest” is the Peaceful Part. When you are armed, or If (<-Arrest!) you try Violence/Storm the Capital by force that’s called “Domestic Terrorism”. To Show Force With Loaded guns is NOT “protected” by the 1st amendment. Ya don’t get to say “Do X, or we […]

He Doesn’t FUCKING Care…

April 29th, 2020

And, He ‘NEVER’ Will. Trump is Simply an Immoral, hateful, racist monster. As the Death toll reaches a (WTF?!?!) whopping 61,112 that Orange Tub of nothing has a total of 3 or 4 Families he’s Reached Out too About them Losing loved one’s To this Virus. Ohhhhh how, expected. What An Immoral Fucker. The rest […]

We Now find Ourselves being lead by a lunatic lying Immoral fucker. Period. End of story and (We Know) it will end. As United States death tolls reach a massive 58,123 Souls, We’ve a gibberish idiot moron Saying “Bleach” is Good & UV light Can cure This Virus. No, No, no, Fucking no it can’t […]

USA Deaths Reach 52,077…

April 24th, 2020

This is horrible. It’s Wrong. It’s immoral. And it (<Jackass Patrol) show a massive detachment or reality and a lost Country Without Leadership. And Rumps Big Ass “Solution”? Drink Bleach. WTF?!?!? This Shit Has got to stop. Our country simply can not “Take” it Have a weekend! [give_form id=”26992″]

Vegas Mayor & More Deaths…

April 23rd, 2020

As we all Deal with this Limitless Pain of Daily “Deaths” from COVID19, we see the numbers (Scary) going Up Still. This Too Shall Pass, but this Is a terrible time 2 be a Human being who cares about lives. It’s So Bad the Moronic Mayor of Vegas wants to “Gamble” on her citizens lives […]

These Are Dark Days…

April 22nd, 2020

And yet, there is light. In This Horror, we, as a society, WILL Pull Through This. Regardless Of (<-Trump Briefing) the limitless ignorance. We have lost humanity in This Dark Time. What we will gain, will be a sense of purpose. A sense of community, nice sense of REALITY. It’s coming like a Wave that […]

Oooooooooooops. No where to Run now Baby, no Where to HIDE. And yet, they ALL had the (We saw it!) Chance To DO Something About It US Senate, but You DIDN’T. As The Deaths Mount in This sad tale of apathetic ignorance we as a nation must Look inward to See Exactly WHO we are […]

While We have Lost 42,298 Citizens to this Virus, and as it grows, we lack testing, factual solutions (<-Idiot Trumpers) & leadership. After all he doesn’t take any of the “Responsibility” For this Pandemic. This is Awful shit. And The Moron Lunatic Domestic Terrorists (Just Alt-right assholes) playing around with this horror ‘Pretending’ to “protest” […]

Incitement & Shut Down…

April 17th, 2020

Orange Asshole tried Incitement Today. Oh neat Since he can’t solve for fix ANY testing problems, (Too many!) Now He Wants A Civil War?!?! Nope. Not Playing at all Here. Not only did Dr. Fauci shut down a lil FOX fart Fest, But Governor Cuomo just crushed Rump for His ignorance, Failures and fraud. This […]

There is no “open the country” options until we, as a country Decide best Practices. And this is not any (<-Idiot) decision By Trump Or His “Administration”. It is not their call at all. It’s the ground Floor of states while they deal with the stark reality of the virus. This all comes down to […]

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