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In what can only be called the beginning of Idiocracy now the “MAGA Morons” want to fight a Government (<-Racist fuckers) trying to PROTECT them. Jeeeeeeez. Not only are all ignorant of Reality itself, they’re now actively puttin’ every other CITIZEN in Danger. That Will NOT stand If They Want to Break Quarantine, they’re Knowingly […]

As this pandemic increases, the United States Press is Actually……doing their jobs. It’s about (“Stop lying!”) damn time! Trump Was Exposed for what he has been since the beginnin. A fat, loud, lyin’ racist in an Empty suit pretending at the job And after reporters have all correctly pointed out, His Administration Did NOTHING For […]

As we Ping-Pong totally rudderless through this horrific Pandemic, Actual LEADERS Rise up and (Word!) offer Actual Solutions To Difficult problems. The Governors from 3 states have ALL formed a pact to re-open their Economies once it’s “safe” to lift COVID19 restrictions. It’s California, Washington, & Oregon. They Are Thinking Logically. Trump is NOT. And […]

The Sheer Horror of This Pandemic is disturbing And all of these “needless deaths” are simply way to hard (We Know) to stomach. The Fact that it’s April 9th, and just now Testing is STARTING to Barely Get up to speed is so UNACCEPTABLE. This, Should Have Been Done WAY back In The End of […]

This Virus is Purely Evil and the entire world is dealing with this Horror and Pain. Know you’re (<-Lie Diarrhea) not alone. It seems the “Entire Country” is now on to A Toddler Lying Moron fraud who made A pandemic 1 MILLION X’s Worse than it Shoulda been. 63% AND CLIMBING “Rapidly” Think that The […]

While the tiny Fingered Orange Anus attempts to “attack” the media to distract from their massive (We Know) failures, In Testing/Preparedness/Supplies. This isn’t new. The Reason he yells is because he can Not ANSWER The ‘Questions’. Hence, Attack The Messenger bringing them Reality. Don’t let them move An INCH from Answering all these real life […]

UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson, Is Now in The ICU. This is Deadly serious. The UK will be one (Self Inflicted) of the most infected due to non-existent testing for the Scale They Need or Shelter In Place that was enacted WAY too late. And while we have a lying fraud in Charge of Our […]

We have 6.6 million Americans filing for Unemployment Yes that’s not only a historic number it’s so staggeringly (We Know) insane. This is terrible for ‘workers’ & even worse for the entire economy as a whole. And yet this too shall pass in every way. But thats NOT the main issue here. COVID19 Is The […]

I Just Farted…

April 1st, 2020

April Fools!! I Actually Shit My Pants. You Gotta laugh in these hard times for the entire world & (We Know) if ya don’t…you Cry. And as this gets worse we have a TODDLER trying to “change the subject” from this Hell to “Drug Cartels”. WTF?!? This is going to Get More Citizens KILLED. This […]

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