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Boner-Town & Hank You…

January 22nd, 2021

On Day 3 Biden/Staff, are All Working tirelessly to combat COVID, All While (Bernie!) Dealing With, “Our Economic Turmoil” & over 100 Others issues we’re facing We have actual leaders who care, and are Capable of “Policies”, solving Real World Problems, Acting With Morality And, in the ‘Funny part’ of today (You gotta find Where […]

The 46th POTUS Of the United States Hit the ground Running getting right to work (Mittens Meme!) yesterday. He signed 15 Executive orders &, 2 Executive Actions Right At The Start We Found out, Well, Really Already Knew that The Orange Anus Administration Did NOTHING About Creating a Roll Out plan For COVID “Vaccine Distribution”. […]

A new day Is here. We will work together to become a more perfect Union. Even In (Mr President) This Horrific Pandemic. We, Honor Those who have Needlessly Died. And We Fight for Those still At Risk. Today Will forever be a day where we got actual functioning Democracy back. What will we Do with […]

COVID Memorial & Q-razy…

January 19th, 2021

Today we¬†solemnly reflect on exactly what COVID has Taken from Us, and (Heartbreaking) the entire world. It’s severe; it’s very grave. And yet, light shines thru and we rise, from our knee, with pride to fight. To Work tirelessly together, to defeat this Virus. It will Work, and it means we will Overcome this. A […]

We Hit 408,237 Deaths today. We must ALL take A Moment to Truly just let that (<-Did Nothing) sink in. We will See light soon & we will get thru this. But, these Days are Hard Speaking of “hard”…lots of Republicans Lives In Congress/All Over are Going to get “Very Criminally hard”. Turns out a […]

Consequences & The Future…

January 15th, 2021

All the racist fascist domestic terrorists Who Violently Broke in The Capitol last (Book Him!) Wednesday; Will Be Brought to Justice Make no mistake about that; and make No Mistake, Every single Republican In Congress, Who AIDED This Terrorism’ll pay Dearly for it with such Severe legal consequences. The Future of our entire country seems […]

With The Pandemic Raging, & Taking 397,000 lives, vaccines are here and (Another Pandemic) helping. It’s NEVER, Fast Enough or keeping Beds low & 1st line workers safe. We Will Get thru this, together Speaking Of “together” the DNC has A Brand New Chair : Jamie Harrison Whoooooo hooooooo! What A Great choice. He will […]

We Are STILL, in The Middle of Pandemic which Has Taken 393,169 lives in the US (No More!) We will Finally contain It but this horror has Taken it’s Toll. And now the Orange Anus Will be The ‘only’ President to ever be on “Mount Impeach-more” For Being the ONLY President In American History to […]

FBI Responds, Impeachment 2…

January 12th, 2021

Saw A FBI, & DOJ: “Press Conference” This entire Event was truly just a tale (“Uh”) of two tones. While it is a great thing for The FBI/DOJ to fully go after ALL of these seditious terrorists who took a coup crack at our Democracy. They Clearly Walked Back “Terrorist”, And that, Will Not Stand. […]

Still in the middle of historic pandemic in which A political party’s really doing (<-Terrorist) NOTHING To Stop It. We’ve lost 384K People In The Non-United States. This would normally be the most Egregious ever. But IT has to Wait In line Behind An Overt Fascist Terrorist Coup By the Republican Party In America. Yes, […]

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