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A Stark Warning & History…

January 29th, 2021

We are Vaccinating as Fast as we all possibly can. It’s makin’ a difference (Safety 1st) A BIG one. But Lots Of Work is Still left to do. We will get there and this March Will Be, A MASSIVE “Step” In doing Just That. And Right now, the Entire, Republican Party, is Hanging on by […]

We have lost 443,369 lives to COVID so far. We Sadly Expect to Lose Even (Wear A Mask) more. BUT, the vaccines are working Yes, You read It Right. Curves are all Coming ‘Down’, FAST. There Is Hope And, on the other side of the Dial We have “Hopeless” which Describes ALL “Congressional, Republican’s” Except […]

DHS-Terror Alert & Terrorism…

January 27th, 2021

We are livin’ in very dangerous times DHS Issued A Terror Alert In America (<-Reich-Wing) But we’re also a VERY good & handle This Hate. The US is 31-0. They Can Fuck Around & find Out. This is not a game. 45, out 50 senate Republicans support Orange Fuck/Terrorists. This will, Not, STAND. They’re not […]

Welcome to COVID day whatever the fuck It Is; Causing Endless Horror For (Free-dumb!) us All. We Will Survive; But not With out great loss. We grieve daily for all the lives lost. We will now be startin’ The “Trial Portion”, Of Impeachment This Is Going to Get Worse with each Passing Day for Republicans. […]

While we are still squarely in the middle of A Horrific Pandemic; Vaccines Are All (& Pfizor work!) being Distributed as Rapidly As possible We will have some Dark/Hard days, but the light at the end of that terror tunnel is clearly visible; we will get there. Even in Downtown Chicago, we’re now at Tier […]

Boner-Town & Hank You…

January 22nd, 2021

On Day 3 Biden/Staff, are All Working tirelessly to combat COVID, All While (Bernie!) Dealing With, “Our Economic Turmoil” & over 100 Others issues we’re facing We have actual leaders who care, and are Capable of “Policies”, solving Real World Problems, Acting With Morality And, in the ‘Funny part’ of today (You gotta find Where […]

The 46th POTUS Of the United States Hit the ground Running getting right to work (Mittens Meme!) yesterday. He signed 15 Executive orders &, 2 Executive Actions Right At The Start We Found out, Well, Really Already Knew that The Orange Anus Administration Did NOTHING About Creating a Roll Out plan For COVID “Vaccine Distribution”. […]

A new day Is here. We will work together to become a more perfect Union. Even In (Mr President) This Horrific Pandemic. We, Honor Those who have Needlessly Died. And We Fight for Those still At Risk. Today Will forever be a day where we got actual functioning Democracy back. What will we Do with […]

COVID Memorial & Q-razy…

January 19th, 2021

Today we solemnly reflect on exactly what COVID has Taken from Us, and (Heartbreaking) the entire world. It’s severe; it’s very grave. And yet, light shines thru and we rise, from our knee, with pride to fight. To Work tirelessly together, to defeat this Virus. It will Work, and it means we will Overcome this. A […]

We Hit 408,237 Deaths today. We must ALL take A Moment to Truly just let that (<-Did Nothing) sink in. We will See light soon & we will get thru this. But, these Days are Hard Speaking of “hard”…lots of Republicans Lives In Congress/All Over are Going to get “Very Criminally hard”. Turns out a […]

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