COVID Memorial & Q-razy…

January 19th, 2021

Today we solemnly reflect on exactly

what COVID has Taken from Us, and


the entire world. It’s severe; it’s very

grave. And yet, light shines thru and

we rise, from our knee, with pride to

fight. To Work tirelessly together, to

defeat this Virus. It will Work, and it

means we will Overcome this. A new

day is HERE, Tomorrow. So no more

Hate, Division or Destruction. But, a

United States Can Begin Again. Sure,

that “Hate” is Still There. But It’s not


a renewable energy source. In fact it

Has “Broken”, The ‘Entire’ Republican

Party. “Mitch McConnell”, Finally Just

decided he’d had Enough. Because it

directly EFFECTED ‘Him’; Other Than

that; Wouldn’t have Done Shit. They

are done as a national party. For you

See; the Orange Ass/Q-razy sect has

split from the Mitch Wing. This splits

their Vote/They Hold no Power. Look


at Georgia Happening Everywhere &

It really “Gets Way Worse” For them

Demographically. Now, We will have

3 flavors of Dems: Light R, Centerist,

& Progressives. Sadly we need about

4-5 party’s. Britain has 8. Tomorrow

is A “Brand New Day”. So, buckle Up!

NOTE: SAG/AFTRA, Will “Remove” The Terrorist
Orange Fucker From Our Union. Good; he gone
Happy 75th Birthday to Dolly Parton. Much love

Have A “Safe” Day!

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