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Guilty, More Crimes/Subpoenas…

September 30th, 2019

It’s Getting So ‘Bad’ For Trump/Republicans, they have people Quitting daily, getting sent (We Know) to jail, going On National TV makin’ lunatic lying partisan frauds of themselves…and at same time Trump himself is now committin’ even MORE CRIMES. Yes ya read That right He Just tried to “Press” the Australian Head to “Help Barr” […]

Things Are Moving FAST. Like Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast but not as (Yes it does) fast as Pelosi, the House & Criminal Charges” Wait He didn’t Say that, I did. If Republicans big “Idea” Is Smear/Deny, that’s bombin’ so badly; It’s like A Right winger open mic night This isn’t something […]

Countless Crimes, Panic Time…

September 26th, 2019

As the DNI Head testified today, It became crystal Clear Trump, Rudy, Barr, VP Pence (“I do!”) Mulvaney & More Are ALL “Legally fucked” He made no Judgements, Accusations or a conclusion. The Whistle Blower Report Did that. He finds the Report “Credible” & Said “No one Is above the law”. Indeed. There’s no Escape […]

Trump is hurt. He’s in deep shit. This Is the End His jabbering lunacy press conferences where It (Yes, you are) was Crystal clear he knows It’s over. He avoided questions, favoring a Slew of lies, Vague Lunatic Conspiracies & Attacked Biden All just To Ignore this Inevitable Impeachment for his overt crimes This Will […]

Formal Impeachment Begins!

September 24th, 2019

With our very Democracy hanging in the balance; Pelosi FINALLY decides to Start (Toot! Done) A, “Formal Impeachment Inquiry”. About time! This is├é┬ádevastatin’ News for Orange Assbucket. And the Senate just voted, All Unanimously The ‘Whistle Blower Report’ MUST be made available to Congress. Oh yes, you read that Correctly. Republicans, who’ll Only Think Of […]

Orange-Anus Openly Admits Crime…

September 23rd, 2019

Orange Shit-Sicle openly Admitted he Broke the law. Because when you Keep on breakin’ (No, no, no) the fucking law but never get arrested, you keep on Doing it. He openly Bribed Ukraine In a Phone Call Over 8 times. This is illegal The Whistle Blower, Noted Trump Promised them he Would grant “Aid” back. […]

It’s That Time Of The Treason…

September 20th, 2019

In what can only Be Called the End Game, last straw, that’s all folks, a hard goodbye (No Shit!) This Nuclear Crime that’ll echo in history books Forever is unrivaled. He didn’t just bribe, black mail & Kompromat (Which is ILLEGAL in the United states to accept it) Trump Committed A Crime Against Every Citizen, […]

As the world watches an orange toddler eat paint chips yummly Extolling “Needs Salsa!” (We Know) the Rest of the Globe Is watching one Boris Johnson Make A Massive ASS Of Himself at every turn. He was exposed as not knowing what The Irish Backstop Even WAS & that’s Not All. He Pulled A “No […]

Cory LIE-endowski…

September 18th, 2019

We really do live in Insanely Strange times people Scumbag liars lyin about their lies is now at an all (Keep talking) time high these days.; what happened to honesty? In the blip of Trump racist hate lies fascist lunacy around today, this falls in the “Oh, that crap” bin Don’t Act Surprised, VOTE. Don’t […]

Chao Down & Tax Subpoena…

September 16th, 2019

While Mitchy “Turtle Prick” McConnell Does his evil impression of a sociopath unable to (We Know) even do the most rational of things his wife is in Rather DEEP SHIT. Elaine Chao is now the target of Improperly helpin’ her families company. Which, Would be illegal. And This seems to be ‘illegal’ in her Using […]

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