Things Are Moving FAST. Like Ferris Bueller

once said “Life moves pretty fast but not as

(Yes it does)

fast as Pelosi, the House & Criminal Charges”

Wait He didn’t Say that, I did. If Republicans

big “Idea” Is Smear/Deny, that’s bombin’ so

badly; It’s like A Right winger open mic night

This isn’t something they can “partisan” their

way around. This Is the House, the “Credible”

crimes report, The law & Reality against them

Republicans are Now A Child Who’s Dad Died

going through the 5 Stages Of Grief – DABDA


“Denial” is where these partisan frauds are at

If they get stuck in A Stage, their careers die

Now, full Disclosure; I want Trump to get SO

badly “Beaten” At the Ballot Box to show this

entire world who we are. The Damage Moron

can do, in The Year + before then, is the only

Reason This Is Happening. Mike Pompeo Just

got Subpoenaed. More Are Coming Daily And

now even FOX News Is Turning on them. This

(“Wait, wha?”)

is Simply The Reality of A Massively Criminal

Fraud now being brought to Justice. Ooooops

This is NOT Mueller & the complexities of the

Russian Collusion/Obstruction minuta. This is

basic criminal abuse of office shit that regular

people quickly can understand; polls state this

Have a weekend!


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