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George Santos Lil Liar or What Ever “It” Wants to Go by these (Leave!) Criminally Liable days; Is Now off All Committees. So He’s all about Collecting $ & bein a fat Vote For Kevin, that is all. The Voters Of NYC, 78%(71% R’s) Want Him “OUT!”. All His Legal Problems are just Startin’ here […]

Fact Fucked & 73% Hate Them…

January 30th, 2023

The GQP is like the Racist Fascist dog who caught the speeding car (“I LIED!”) They Don’t know what to do and every move they Make Blows Up in their stupid, fat faces. Karma! A Bunch of Idiots Tried to go out on the Sunday talk shows and all got Blasted outta Their shoes for […]

Imagine knowing that ALL of the GQP/Republican In office (Terrorist) Don’t Know ANYTHIN’, About government. MTG aka Three Toes got so Blasted outta her Stupid Shoes in a ‘floor vote’ They, Don’t Know ‘MATH’, Or really Anything. And so what Did the RNC Do? Reelect the (<-Fail Frauds!) exact same Failed idiot Rona McNowheresville To […]

TFG & a LOT of GQP’ers in the House, are in Full Blown Panic (Ooooops!) Mode. Welp, they should all be 4 Criminals are gettin’ charged And, There’s no Escape. Also a bad legal day waits right round the bend 4 George Santos; Ha All they are able to do is Crime They sure as […]

We can’t Even go One damn day Around here In America (No shit!) Without ANOTHER Massive shooting killing people. Wtf It’s All the guns; stupid. We R awash in Guns. The #1 in ALL The World In us Having MORE guns Than All people And now Pence Is on the fat (Karma!) hook, for ‘Taking’ […]

We have so many mass shootings each Fucking Day, most of us Ask (Enough!) “Oh, which one?”. It’s the guns ya Silly Bastards. 10 People were All Shot Dead & 10+ Wounded, With 7 still in the “Hospital”. The “Gun Man” Took, ‘His Own Life’. ‘Motive’ for This Lunacy is Still Not Known at this […]

Legal Hell, Fined & Over…

January 20th, 2023

The Orange Anus has withdrawn their Case Against James in NYC (Crack!) The reason? The courts fined em $1 million for bringin Fraudulent Cases Before The Courts & Were gonna Fine him again & again, & Again.  Oooooops. His Entire life is a “Bogus Legal Case” & Things will only get Worse for him/all of […]

Who fault is any Default? Welp That’d Be, HOUSE Republicans (Same shit!) It’s Not Just The fact they have All Easily Raised the Debt Limit 4 Times Under TFG. In fact the cold truth Is the only Times it’s an Issue, When D’s Control the fucking White House. They are just domestic terrorists who all […]

Gun Anger & Schlapped Silly…

January 18th, 2023

Parents in Virginia City, Where the 6 year old Shot his Teacher, are all (Get it yet?) mad as HELL. They spent 3 Hours Raging About a Toxic Environment in their school and Lax gun laws in the State/Nation. They have A ‘Big’ ‘Discipline Problem’. And Gun Laws are just the tip O the crime […]

Debt Game, Blame & Shame…

January 17th, 2023

When Republicans Get Power, they ALWAYS All do the Exact (No Shit!) same Shit that never Works. It starts with Tax Cuts for top 1% Then it’s Obstruction, hold the Debt Ceiling hostage & budget CUTS (including SS, Medicare Etc). Get it Yet? They, Do, Not WANT To “Govern”. They Want to ‘Destroy’ Democracy & […]

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