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We pay our respects today for all those who have Bravely given up (Yes!) everything for this Great country Their service deserves more than “thank you”. Support All of these military Communities by helping in anyway You Can. We are all in this family. Honor. Oh, Speaking of people the “Exact” opposite of Them; Ex-military, […]

Let me be clear; after this vote in The US Senate Today, There (R’s Undone!) Is No, “Republican Party” Any longer. In a 54-35 vote which is Actually 60%. WTF?!?! And in no Way’ll they Escape This vote FOR The Violent Jan 6th ‘Terrorist Insurrectionists’. No way 2 ever forget R’s treason They don’t serve […]

Another day in ‘Merica and yes ANOTHER Mass Shooting. It Is (No Shit!) almost as If “Doing nothing” is not Working. Cause it does not Our Country’s flooded with the most amount of Guns on earth & We got the Most Gun deaths Pretty simple shit folks. And in some Good news, COVID #’ers are […]

A grand jury has been impaneled In New York today, which means (Comin Soon!) it’s “Curtains” for Orange thing & all his Kids/Associates. They, are all SO Super Disco fucked. And it means, Cy Vance Has Everything he wants already Locked in place There’s no escape for him and be Sure Vance/The Lawyers Already have […]

Welcome Back to the grind we call “life” my cool Party people (“I’m an idiot!”) In some Hilarious News, Rudy Giuliani’s Kid, Andrew G. Just released an ad running for NY Governor, With, absolutely no experience whatsoever ha ha And, His 1st Ad looks like one big, wet, Creepy fart. It’s like if you took […]

Happy Friday to Every One of you where ever you may be. I be here (Yum!) Speaking of ‘Places People’ don’t need to be, the AZ “Fraudit” has now cost Millions, ‘Ended’ Voting machines they sullied & will face scorn/legal Consequences for all Their Lunacy. They Weren’t Ever looking for problems/fraud, they WERE The Problems/Fraud, […]

Got my 2nd does of the vaccine today & Feeling Fine. In fact my (Just Did) little idea Was 2 huge things of water with Hydrant & gatorade day Before, Day Of & Day After So far So Great. And…..what Is even Better?!? A Jan 6th panel Or Commission has passed the House; With 35 […]

While things are Working for us Against This Pandemic, it (Hank You!) seems stuff isn’t working at all for the Entire Republican Party. Ya know shit’s gettin bad, When Your Own R’s in AZ has to Call an Audit one bigass partisan “sham” and about Their Lies “Unhinged” In fact, It Was the Maricopa County […]

NEW “MASK GUIDANCE”: If You have Been Vaccinated after two (Doh!) Weeks ‘After’ Your 2nd dose or the only single dose J&J. Pretty simple shit; this isn’t a game if you Play around, you’ll get it & can die, fair enough Darwinism Speaking of All violent immoral terrorists from Jan 6th who are “Playing around”; […]

We finally have some good news (Drum Rollll) COVID “Cases” Are (We ARE!) now Down in ALL 50 states. Yes That’s very Good News Cause it matters havin’ competent adults Holding ‘Elected Office’. Oh, And speaking Of “Immoral lying” Ass Clowns About to be Removed In a week or so from office; we get pal […]

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