Welcome Back to the grind we

call “life” my cool Party people

(“I’m an idiot!”)

In some Hilarious News, Rudy

Giuliani’s Kid, Andrew G. Just

released an ad running for NY

Governor, With, absolutely no

experience whatsoever ha ha

And, His 1st Ad looks like one

big, wet, Creepy fart. It’s like

if you took a Terrible 80’s late

night Infomerical, Mixed It up

with the Worst lawyer Ad You

Have Ever seen, then made it

100 X’s Crappier. The, “Selfie”

(<-R’s Today)

stick was Peek “I’m a toolbox”

And In “Of Course He Should

be Sued” news, Mike Pompeo

Is gettin Sued For 1.8 million

from Former EU Ambassador

Gordan Sondland. We, All Do

remember ‘him’. And he’s SO

gonna Win This case. And So,

in ‘Typical’ Racist Republican

fashion Marjorie Greene says

super Hateful Racist Shit For

attention comparing Wearing

(Felon Friends!)

masks for safety to the(drum

Roll) Holocaust. All, Of These

evil, ‘hateful’, ‘monster’ Trolls

Have Expired. Get Em all Out

NOTE: 53% of Republicans, still Think That
“Orange Thing’s” president. The other 47%
still in reality are movin away at lightspeed
Happy Birthday: Music Icon, And Legend Of
Song Bob Dylan play his Work & listen to it

Have A “Safe” Day!

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