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Seems Trumps Campaign PAID Michael Cohen for doing “Fixing” Work, not LEGAL work which (“Ahhhhhhh…”) Is a MASSIVE “violation” of Campaign Finance Law. Oooooooooooops! With Every Republican looking for A Distraction Against The Mounting law suits Against Trump & Friends, they are All “trying” to Pull The Michelle Wolff Card To Just distract. Nope, not […]

As Fat Dumbass Nixon 2.Blow Continues To implode with his own crimes by his own tiny (<-Going Down) Hands; Paul Manafort’s Insane Counter Suit against Mueller was just Tossed out of Court Ooooooooooooooooooops. Forget that house Republicans ‘issued’ A Partisan Report Lying Trumps clear Connections With Russia. Doh! And don’t forget Republican Meehan just did […]

And now, in the “That was already Obvious” segment of Things, Trump Admits Cohen Represented him for (<-Bus Wheels) this “Crazy Stormy Daniels Thing”. This, after saying he knew NOTHING about this. He lied. And that Will end up Breaking Him Forever. Also ensuring Cohen’ll flip on his fat ass in heartbeat. But that wasn’t […]

With Trump Fucked, Pruit Under Investigation for 10 violations as The EPA head & Macron in (“Uh-oh!”) his “Let’s barely appease this Orange Fat fuck” we Had A Horrible Shooting In A Waffle House by an utter lunatic. How did he get an AR-15?! LEGALLY. He Was Batshitcrazy, And His Father “Took His Guns” Away, […]

Seems Trumps lies are now catching up with him at lightspeed. 1st, he’s not as Wealthy as he said (Pee Pee The Frog) Not now, Not ever. He flat out lied. Ooooooooops Now, He ALSO Lied About His Alibi for The Steele Dossier. He claimed he didn’t “spend the night” & that’s another mega lie. […]

A white Rental Van “plowed” into pedestrians 9 are dead and 16 more injured. I will update (Holy Sadness) as more facts become available. This is pure horror And Unacceptable Shit. We Will find a reason For these “Heinous” Acts of cowardice We will find out all the facts & that is the key Objective […]

No Cred & Rudy Ghouliani…

April 20th, 2018

The New Head Of NASA has No scientific background & is a Climate Change denier (<-Doug Dumbass) That’s like hirin’ a new Math teacher who thinks 2+2=Spaghetti. Can The “Trumpy” sink any lower?!?!? Of Course, it’s Trump He Just “Hired” Rudy-Less Giuliani, To Be the next body On the Ash heap. And ohhh boy did […]

A Southwest flight from NYC to Dallas had an Engine blow and had to make a quick & (Hero!) bold Emergency landing. Wow! Tammy Jo Shults is a big hero! All the passengers are also Solid As They Helped Pull One Woman “Back” Inside. Hero’s, Are Around Us Every day. Oh, speaking of amazing shit, […]

Someone check on Sean Hannity…he might be lost so far up his Own Ass, that’s he Is stuck in (<-Going Down) his own throat. Seems Hannity is not remotely smart Enough to Grasp Him Claiming that one Michael Cohen “Isn’t” His Lawyer. Ohhhhhhhh good, so all the “Fixing” Cohen did is not at all protected […]

Things in Trumpland are getting Worse every day; and they’ll exponentially get devastating (Jail’s That Way) with every passing Hour. Comey was so clear “I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be President. I think he’s (simply) morally unfit to be President” Comey simply Explained Everything we’re all already aware of About Trump. He called […]

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