And now, in the “That was already Obvious” segment

of Things, Trump Admits Cohen Represented him for

(<-Bus Wheels)

this “Crazy Stormy Daniels Thing”. This, after saying

he knew NOTHING about this. He lied. And that Will

end up Breaking Him Forever. Also ensuring Cohen’ll

flip on his fat ass in heartbeat. But that wasn’t all the

Orange Anus spewed. He Went on a :30 big babbling

rant with the Cast Of Fox & Frauds looking like deers

in front of Headlights as this Felonious man child did

his melt down. And how bad was his Jabbering shit?!

(Lie 2 Billion)

-He bellowed “No collusion” at least Half dozen times
-“Nobody has been tougher to Russi’er; you ask Putin”
-“I never said I left (Russia) immediately” (Alibi toast)
-“If ya go back to the Civil War it was the Republicans
who did the thing” “Did The Thing=Freed The Slaves”
(No, political policy wise, they were Progressives, D’s)
-“I watched Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd The Other Day…
You look at a CNN they’ll have a counsel of 7 people &
of the 7 everyone is Against me” Then goes on to say,
“I don’t watch them at all” (Holy Fuck what a lunatic!)
-“I’m fighting a battle…a phony battle it’s a cloud over
my head.” (No, it’s Self Inflicted lies and Crimes idiot)
-“The message now is, ‘It’s a fix.’ (No, you are Fucked)

The last One is Key. He Thinks he can “Message” his

way out of These Damning legal Charges. He can not

This Entire “Bullshit Parade” of lunacy ends with HIM

in jail. He’s incapable of being Honest. All he has is a

“game” to keep lying even when Charged with crimes

Its not a legal strategy its an attempt 2 ignore reality

I’m Entirely sick of Typing this Fucking morons name

His existence is Simply a Blight on all human decency


Yet, Trump, in usual Fashion is going down even that

much faster these days. The biggest enemy of Trump

is Trump today. That & he’s Crash Landing Directly in

to legal reality. So Sarah Suckabee Sanders deserves

everything Coming. As does EVERY who Enabled this

lying Felonious Fraud of A Fucker. Tick tock, tick tock

(Bill Cosby found Guilty today, Justice is coming fast)

NOTE: So, Think You’re Above The Law?!?! Think Again
Watch This Power Trip, Get Calmly Knock Back Down, &
It’s Clear To Me, She Might Be Drunk. What A Big Fraud
NOTE II: NFL Draft Starts Tonight. Look Out Everybody
ALERT: These TWO “Liars” Diamond & Silk AKA Zirconia
& Spoiled Milk Made Several False Statements To A BIG
Congressional Hearing. But, Also Took $ & “Endorsed” A
Racist Republican Paul Nehlen who Was Also Suspended
From Twitter For Racist Statements. Oooooooooooooops

Have a day!

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