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So Long 2020, Hello 2021!

December 31st, 2020

It’s clear 2020 had a serious lack of vision (Bye Forever!) And so, 2021 better be so much fun! Let’s all Bond Together to make that Happen in Every Possible Way. It Starts With The GA VOTE On January 5th And Stay in Tonight It’s Amateur Night. Celebrate, laugh, Love NOTE: And, Right On Que […]

We have lost 347,700 good people during this “Horribly Historic Pandemic”. And Yet, (<-Monster) Congress/Republicans have done Nothing at all to Stop it/Aid in Solving it or letting Democrats Help with it. We have one real Political Party trying to Solve our Nations Problems/Struggles/Needs. We Have Yet another that actively seeks 2 destroy, kill & […]

Hope you all had great, safe, quiet holidays to for you & Yours. In what can only be called an (3 Injured) Act Of Domestic Terrorism, on Christmas day an RV suicide bomber blew up down town TN This is “Domestic Terrorism”, a literal Suicide Bomber that Blew Up some of Downtown, TN WTF?!?! We […]

Ho ho ho Holy Shit It’s Finally here! The best Day of the Year; in A year that was (Bingo!) horrible/insane/wrong. And this Entire pandemic has been untenable. Yet it’s Christmas Eve. Be With Loved Ones or just stay home & Face-Time them. Tell them you Love them & just Prepare for better Days Ahead. […]

During a historic pandemic, Republicans Have No Solutions, No CDC Guidelines & (No Shit!) No SUPPORT, To Us American People. In fact, they Are ALL Doing Everything they Can To Tell Us All To “Fuck off”. We Best listen to them. We have now gotten to a point Where Democrats/1 Republican All suggested $2,000 instant […]

Banker Bolts & Legal Jeopardy…

December 22nd, 2020

We have lost 330,000 people to this killer virus. We will get thru this horror, but It’s (Yep) as bad as it gets. Together, following all of the CDC Guidance & Rolling Out the Three main Vaccines we Can Survive this. And in NO THANKS To “Republicans”, Who All Did nothing to “Stop” this. Pure […]

325K, Tiny-Aid & FOX Fraud…

December 21st, 2020

We Have lost 325,000 fellow Citizens to The Corona Virus. This, IS Maddening & (<-Morons!) heartbreakin All at the sametime. It did not have to be like this. No sir, in fact it COULD have been prevented with #’ers being MUCH Lower With ANY Action, Or actual Leadership; republicans & tRump just Actively let Us […]

Just A Little “Prick”…

December 18th, 2020

Turns Out, Vaccines ARE important. And Even a stiff immoral Pile of Shit like Pence knows It (<-Douche) BOOM! We Need More, We Need Help and we need stimulus. Mitch McConnell is Holding All of it up. Take back the senate on January 5th Please have a kickass weekend where ever ya are. And Remember; […]

Snow Big Deal & Dragged Out…

December 17th, 2020

As we are all being beaten down on the East cost with Snow, the Globe By COVID and In (Deep dusting) a new twist no stimulus; Republican’s in dc are still “Fucking Around To Find out” by all doing NOTHING to Help. Sure they Want to spread more Hate, lies, ignorance while ALL Followin’ Mitch […]

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are not messing around. The Gloves are Off & The President (Bap!) Elect/Harris are Swinging back HARD. See, when The ENTIRE Republican Party Hasn’t done A Single, Fucking, THING to Help our citizens in ‘8 MONTHS’ during A historically deadly pandemic…they own it all. We have lost 314,000 People and […]

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