Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are not messing

around. The Gloves are Off & The President


Elect/Harris are Swinging back HARD. See,

when The ENTIRE Republican Party Hasn’t

done A Single, Fucking, THING to Help our

citizens in ‘8 MONTHS’ during A historically

deadly pandemic…they own it all. We have

lost 314,000 People and counting. Make no

mistakes here. While Democrats do control

the House, Mitch / Republican Senators Are

ALL Stopping “ANYTHING” From Happening

And we have A Great chance to change that

(Jan 5th, VOTE!)

On January 5th, ‘Voting’ In GA For Warnock

& Ossoff. Both Democrats. Things have just

Gotten So Bad, tRumps ‘Neighbors’, in Mara

Lago are Suing him Since it just can’t be his

permanent home. Oooooops. What a douche

NOTE: Pete Buttigieg Will Be The ‘Next’ Transportation
Secretary of the US. He’s MORE than ready for the job

Have A “Safe” Day!

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