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Mr. Fuentes & Mr Castillo Died ‘Working’ On the Francis Scott (<-Hero’s!) Key Bridge, When It Collapsed They are, Working Hero’s Who embody The America Spirit we value so Dear. The pain In loss of Their/others lives Is terrible And, we will never forget them (<-Broke Ass!) Insurrectionists Are All in legal hell all of […]

A Democrat not only won in deep red Alabama, It Was A “landslide” (Like this!) Was A ‘Special Election’ & Marylin Lands A Body Blow to Maga Shits who wants to strip abortion rights From Woman. Lands RAN on That for her race & Voters spoke loudly she Won 63%-37%. This is just a (Boom!) […]

The “Francis Scott Key” Bridge was struck by a barge in early (Tragic) Morning today & it Collapsed “Rescue Crews” are tirelessly Continuing Non-Stop to Save the Lives of those victims. It breaks All our hearts. We see hope Even in This Pain As we (What ya do!) All ‘Pull’ for The Victims. And, thank […]

While what’s Left of the entire Republican party careens over (True!) a cliff; the Orange anchor they tied It too, just was Told today His NYC Hush $ Trial will Start April 15th. Oooooooops Ha Ha And in what can only be called a WTF Appeals Court Ruling In (I know!) the Trump Org fraud […]

The GQP Chaos Caucas…

March 22nd, 2024

There is No Republican Party any longer. Just a collection of Chaos (Down they go!) agents of 25-45% maga who will Terrorize Anyone/Thing that they Don’t, Want. You know, Terrorists Tiny ‘Minority’s’ Don’t Set Policies in governance. These maga trolls Aren’t Interested In “Governance” (We know!) They Ran On “Government Does not work!” & are […]

Republican’s Can’t Govern, they don’t want to & Actively all seek (<-Don’t like voters) to END Democracy. Jeeeeeeeez And now, they’re comin’ for our Social Security. They all SAID it 1st they wanna raise the Age & then it’s kill The Entire Program Make no mistake here, that’s all (<-R Voters) they keep saying They’ll […]

Well, The Supreme Court Has Fucked Up AGAIN. See, They (“F Immigrants!”) don’t Accept ‘States Rights’ if it’s About who Can Be on any states Ballot. But then, when Any Power All Comes Directly from the Federal government like say in Immigration, it is? (Indeed) WTF?!?! Now Texas Will Be a royal legal Shit show […]

The Orange Traitor Is A Broke Ass Bitch. He can’t “afford” to (Bye bye!) put Up the $ Required for Him to appeal. Which means, there Is NO ‘Appeal’ Happening That He’d Already Lose, AND James gets to start seizing all his shit What is About To Happen, Is A Cautionary Tale As Old as […]

After A weekend of Hitler hate, more threats Of “Bloodshed” & (We Know!) Violence if orange anus doesn’t win (He won’t as Voters Speak); He has No real Campaign funds on Hand….”Compared” To Biden Biden / DNC Has $155 Million $ on Hand. RNC has $8.7 in hand (Done!) That shit is goin’ into T’s […]

In a still “Terrible Ruling”, Georgia Judge McAfeee decides to let case (“Lube Up!”) continue IF either Fani Goes or if Wade Goes. It’ll Be Wade Leaves No Doubt. AND, The Very Core of The Defense claims was Rejected outright. Speedy trial, which Fani was Doing, won’t = Financial gain (And screwed!) Ohhhh boy, now […]

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