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Lil Putin Claimed They were Gonna “pull back” & “ease attacks”. While (Ukraine Victory) he does what He always does, Lie Putin/Russia are losing badly, and their actual pain is JUST beginnin’ It will Get Worse for them By The day. No Escape from Violent Hate murder decision. They’re all going (<-Criminal!) down. And What […]

Russian State TV, just told the Entire World What We Already (We know) All Knew. Trump Is Their Main asset in the united states. It’s been “obvious” for a long time Follow His $. They, “Paid” Him Off Thru Property Buys And In Laundering. They Stated This: “It’s now time to ‘Again’ help our partner […]

Congress has Moved Forward the contempt charges for two former (“You busted!”) Trump ‘Top Aides’. Peter Navarro & Dan Scavino; oooooooooooops This Is Criminal Contempt. They are Fucked; which means TFG & ALL R’s who Supported / Helped in his Coup are Undone. So long! Speakin’ of Fat criminal assholes TFG is Like A Dumber […]

A ruled today that TFG likely Committed Crimes & for His (Coming Soon!) Lawyer Pal John Eastman To turn Over Vital emails to the Jan 6th Committee. Oooops! They all were already fucked So now, legally Speakin they Are “Super Duper MegaTime Legally Fucked” now. Ooops What If I Told Ya, That FOX’s Steve “Douchey”; […]

Seems we had a LOT of the Republican’s in Power or all (<-Terrorist!) over the Us, wanted a coup In fact, SCOTUS lady of the Insurrection ‘Ginny T’, Is A ‘Grade’ ‘A Treason Terrorist’ So Is Mark Meadows. They are legally fucked so hard it should be illegal. Wait, it is (Bye!) And when a […]

Dumped, Pumped & Thumped…

March 23rd, 2022

Jan 6th Insurrectionist Cheer leader Mo Brooks…..Is no mo (Oh Mo!) TFG “Took Back” His Bullshit Endorsement. Then, Mo Said: “Donald Trump told me to Rescind the 2020 Elections, ‘Immediately Remove Biden’ from the White House, Immediately put President Trump Back in The White House, and hold a New “Special Election”, ‘For’ The Presidency” Aside […]

‘Justice Ketanki Brown Jackson’ had to deal With Racism In the (<-The Asshole Cruz) disgustin’ form of the GQP shits These are last throws of A racist, vile, lost tribe of conspiracy hate Terrorist Fucks. They don’t Like this country & all actively attack Our Laws, Rules & Nation at its’ very Core. They have […]

We don’t have two political Parties In “America” Today (We Know!) We have A Nice mixture of Democrats (Centerist, LiL’ left leaning & Just A Lil bit farther Left. Nothin’ At All Extreme. However, On the Republican side, ya all get “Lunar “FAR” Right” Racist Fascist Pro-Putin and Anti- Democratic, OR You Get 4- (Yup) […]

Hypocrisy, Lunacy & Hate…

March 18th, 2022

Well, Turns out Republicans All have nothing to offer All voters (We know!) Aside from “Biden Sucks!” and “Merica Sucks!”. Those are not policies. Just abject misplaced Aggrievement. If they want to ‘Fix’ All Of “Their Problems” or ‘Issues’, Find A Mirror. “Yelling” Dumbshit Lies doesn’t Solve a (<-GQP’ers) damn “Thing”. It Only Creates chaos. […]

Pappy St. Hatricks Day to All Of You! Enjoy Every Moment (We Know) for we never know how many We Get. Speakin’ Of that, we see Lil’ Putin Failing So Badly he had to Change out All The 1,000 staffers around him so He Doesn’t Get Poisoned. I’d say he “Lost It” but he Really […]

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